Dark Heresy Handouts

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Dark Heresy Handouts

Post by Valas » Fri May 11, 2012 2:55 pm

This thread to keep track of documents so as not to clutter up the RP thread.

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Inquisitional Profile on Victus Magnus

Post by Valas » Fri May 11, 2012 2:57 pm

Inquisitional Profile on Victus Magnus
Security Clearance : Amber
Report Compiled By: EXPUNGED

Thought for the Day: Serve the Emperor today, tomorrow you may be dead.

Victus Magnus: Fifth son of the Noble House Magnus
Age: 45
DOB: 324.450.M42
Occupation: Merchant
Family: Father Scoin Magnus – Current holder of the Rogue Trader Contract granted by Terra on 765.M39
4 Elder Brothers – Scoin II, Nihilius, Castus, Ravion
Mother - Deceased

Magnus Noble House owns the Calaxius Warrant of Trade traveling frequently to the Halo Stars and beyond bringing back new archtechnology and xenos items. Magnus Noble House has alleged ties to Ordos Xenos and perhaps even sponsorship. (See addendum report 541A.98 ).

Victus Magnus is the lowest son and has little to do with the family business. Reports have him spending his days locked in his private manor and his nights throwing large parties in his manor or traveling about the spire in the most fashionable night clubs. His source of income is questionable, perhaps supplemented by his ties to the Shora Cartel.

Victus maintains a large private security force numbering between 275-310 highly trained individuals – a mixture of ex- imperial guard and gangers. Reports of illegal modifications to his house guard has been reported but never confirmed.

Victus has ties to the Shora Cartel (See Addendum Report 345U.17) and uses them to pursue his hobby of collecting rare and esoteric books. Their has been some question whether some of these books are not restricted and heretical in nature – never confirmed.

Additional reports have been logged on staff going missing. One such occurrence was reported by a house maid who claimed that Victus was performing rituals on his staff. Maid later recanted and turned up missing three days later (See Addendum Report 783.h45).

Victus’s manor is highly fortified by the large security force and a private force shield which blankets the manor. Several automated gun sentries cover the entry points. His manner boasts spacious ground and a large mulit- level manner. Only one known entry point to the manner.

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+++Profile: Magos Dedra Tant+++

Post by Valas » Fri May 11, 2012 2:58 pm

+++Profile: Magos Dedra Tant+++
+Magos Dedra Tant
+Age: 421 (DOB: 578.M41)
+Height: 5’8"
+Weight: 96 kilos
+Features: Female, Standard implants including +occulous implant, mind impulse unit, various +mechadendrites.
+Personality Traits: Devoted, Serious, Single +Minded, Loyal to the Ad Mech,
+Home World: Forge World Versuvi VI (Versuvi +System)
+Status: Missing, presumed dead.


Born on the Forgeworld of Versuvi VI in the year 578.M41. Dedra led an unremarkable life until her 16th year when she joined the priesthood of the Machine God. During his initial studies Dedra did not appear to be exceptional. She consistently performed well in all his duties and her implants integrated themselves acceptably. She demonstrated no particular skills in any of the major colleges and when She was finally declared a Tech Priest Dedra was not affiliated to any college.

This was to finally change after She was assigned to the warhound scout titan Justicar Gregorum of the Burning Gaze Titan Legion. Dedra served on the titan for seven years before the gargant Fumpa managed to smash the main conduit ling between bridge and engineering. Climbing outside to the titan’s hull, Dedra used himself as a living conduit for the information from the bridge to the engines allowing the Princeps to gain control of Justicar Gregorum and destroy the gargant. Dedra’s nervous system was badly damaged by this and she required significant augmentative surgery including a full set of bionic limbs. Even so the damage caused to her biological systems has presented even the best limbs functioning well. After she awoke Thrune found he had been accepted into the Archeo Collegum as an Adept Archeonist. Because Dedra had served for a while as part of the titan’s circuitry she had gained a measure of access to the Titan’s memory banks. She worked for the next five years working on the titans of the legio. She learnt the skills of the Archeo Collegum in binding together living beings with machines and understood how much had been lost. At the end of the five years Dedra announced that she was following the Indicium Vultus, the Knowledge Quest. In this quest she has discovered much in the records of forgeworlds that was deemed irrelevant to other researchers and Dedra learnt much about the biotechnologies of the golden age. Using this knowledge, Dedra was able to upgrade several systems on the warhound scouts of the Burning Gaze Titan Legion and earned her title Magos.

353 years ago Dedra’s attention was bought to the Halo Stars and rumors of lost Archeotech there that could be employed to further her studies and the possibility of a surviving STC. Dedra was allocated a star cruiser to pursue these rumors to reclaim the archeotech for Omnissah. She sent out for the Halo stars. Over the next several years, she reported back regularly with her progress in the quest until about 350 years ago when all communication ceased.

++Footnote: Dedra was seconded to the Inquisition prior to her trip to the Halo Stars. This data sifted from an journal from Inquisitor (Redacted per order of the Emperor's Holy Inquistion)++

++Footnote:Additional data suggests Dedra was associated with Magos Horgor Banter. Magos Banter implicated in Logicians Heresy.++

++Footnote: Enginseer Severian Tertius reports sighting of Magos Tant in Hive Sibellus, digital image confirms. Protocol Zeta59-104 activated++

++++++++ ACTIVE+++++++

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Priority Inquisitorial Communiqué

Post by Valas » Fri May 11, 2012 2:59 pm

Priority Inquisitorial Communiqué

Thought for the day: He who hesitates is damned.

Instruments of my Inquisitorial will, It pleases me that the heretic Bulagor Thrungg should be brought to justice. His apostasy is assured, his agents have purchased a planted "artefact" that I had inserted into the Scintillan black market. He is certainly the man behind the so called Museum of Apostasy. It is without a doubt hidden somewhere within his ancestral home.

To this end I have requisitioned the use of a Valkyrie and forces from the Army of the Scintillan Protectorate. They will strike the mansion building while you, my Acolytes, will deploy into the mansion’s apostate chapel, there to hold the location until the main building can be captured. Intelligence suggests the chapel will be poorly defended and deploying there will protect you from both troops on the ground and aircraft bane weapons rumored to be present among the estate’s tombs.

Your purpose is to acquire evidence of Thrungg’s possession of forbidden items, and to assist in his capture if necessary. I expect to soon take solace in news of your success.

In the name of the Emperor, let none survive who turn their faces from Him.

Inquisitor Chane

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Thrungg Dataslate Journal

Post by Valas » Fri May 11, 2012 3:01 pm

indeed I dare say she was quite mad after the experience. If one were to attempt to put into words the majesty of what the three of us saw within the hand they would surely fail. I have dined with poets, Navigators and Astropaths and none have described in words what the soul knows when it bears witness to it. Through the hand we three touched the mind of a god, horrific to comprehend and impossible to ignore.

Day 72
My compatriots have been dealt with. Poor Skrivus was so shaken by the truth of things, by the unbridled knowledge thrust into us, that he fell to petty worship again. He certainly would have confessed his sins had he been given time. My pets made quick work of any evidence, perhaps I should be concerned that they are developing a taste for more refined Meals.

Day 76
The confluence of signs, invisible to the unaware, is almost nigh. My communion with the hand will see the true birthright of the Thrungg dynasty thrust into the stars. The meek will bow, I will be recognized the seer of seers. The stars above Gunmetal City wink and twinkle in an almost unperceptable pattern. They speak to me, a voice from beyond the perceivable. They call in a language so ancient that none can pronounce it, but all is understood. Taste upon me thy words, touch within me thy message.

Day 78
Without traversing the body from the museum, the mind has crossed the ocean of the warp to my tutors realm. I now know the glorious destiny set forth for me, carved by chance. Teeth like blades, scales like the sky, a single spine that hooks behind. Perfect in its creation, surely a child of my tutor. I have seen the great conflict. The thousand-fold truth battles against the knight. A standstill, they hold each other, a grapple so implacable that even time stands still in its grip. The Dei-Phage rots in the fist, but the fist cannot move, it must not move. What have we become? Skrivus was right. It matters not unto... it doesn't. No, Skrivus was a coward. We have traveled too far down this road to turn back. Devotion remains ahead.

Day 80
I have borne witness to the fortress of the eater of gods. The temple of gold with a heart of coal. It stands alone against the darkness, shining for all to see. It is but a marker on the path, but a path to the Dei-Phage is a home to all who have the will to understand. A path to he who will swallow the unworthy god and supplant him. I will be at his side when Hekate’s champion rises from the brine!

Day 83
We are one! Glorious to my flesh. Certainly my ascendance is near, for I have touched the hand of the Dei-Phage and it has blessed me as it has no other. I alone have the mastery of this gift, I alone survive its gentle caress.

Day 85
He tells me that doom is coming. That the wings of the warrior angel bear into the flesh the righteous indignation of false gods. Even in my enlightened state there is no deciphering such cryptic promises. Doom for who? Is this the doom I will strike across the stars? Is this my own doom, a warning from my friend so that it can be avoided? I will not risk my destiny on such a chance. The house guard have been resupplied. Watches at all times and no fewer than fifty men on duty. A small pittance to pay for the certainty of….

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Barsapine Planetary Data

Post by Valas » Fri May 11, 2012 3:02 pm


Barsapine, an Imperial World in the Adrantis Nebula subsector. The planet is tidally locked and does not rotate. Its magnetic western face is a burnt desert and warm winds sweep across the planet from the west. Kephistron Altis is located along the night ridge, and is under an eternal night, warmed only by the winds and lit by reflected light from the Gilded Cathedral.

Planetary Data

Population: 1.5 billion

Tithe Grade: Exactus Extremis

Geography/Demography: Temperate/Desert climate, the populations concentrated around the poles. Seven continents, three populated.

Principal cities: Kephstron Altis, Kephistron Inferior (northern polar), Skaltine (planetary capital), Descrayne (southern polar). Numerous smaller
communities make up approximately half of the total population. The northern and southern polar regions typically communicate little and the planet’s history has
included periods of war between the two.

Governmental Type: Divinatory Thaumocracy. Regional leaders and governorship decided by divination.

Planetary Governor: His Magnificence Ordus Malinar Vel Coronasse, Chosen of the Soothsayers’ College.

Adept Presence: Low. Adeptus Arbites (Skaltine and Kephistron Inferior), Administratum tithing mission (Skaltine).

Military: Northern Arctic Bonded Guard (low quality standing army based near Kephistron Inferior), Divinatory Guard (medium/low quality civil protection units based at Skaltine). Considerable rivalry between the two forces reduces their effectiveness as a planetary defence force.

Economic Notes: Barsapine’s principal production is cogitator parts, which make up the majority of its tithe. The rest of the tithe consists of raw materials and manpower. Barsapine pottery is considered among the sector’s finest and can command high prices from collectors.

Inquisitorial Notes: Barsapine is a dismal world of little importance in the grand scheme of the Calixis Sector, save for the cogitator parts its large isolationist cities produce.. The spaceport of Kephistron Altis is a quiet, grey place of toil and religiosity. Barsapine’s more interesting aspects are hidden below the surface – its people are modest and fatalistic, rarely claiming any ambition, and tend to go about masked and cloaked so they can hide themselves from the Emperor’s sight and not commit the prideful sin of seeking out His attention. Their true selves are revealed in private and among the planet’s countless secret societies.

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Priority Inquisitorial Communiqué

Post by Valas » Fri May 11, 2012 3:05 pm

Priority Inquisitorial Communiqué
Dest. Barsapine
Adeptus Astra Telepathica

Thought for the day: In His service one is never sacrificing, nor shall one ever sacrifice enough.

Instruments of my Inquisitorial will,

Our investigations into the crimes of House Thrungg are now complete. While you have been in transit to the Gilded Cathedral on arsapine, the holdings and titles of Bulagor Thrungg as well as those of his extended family have been revoked. Service in His name is never complete and it falls to you now to continue the investigations into the source of the most dangerous artefact among those deemed heretical.
The daemonic hand that you reclaimed from the corpse of Thrungg has its roots somewhere on Barsapine. It is my concern that the noble houses there as well may be harboring corruptive influences. Abbot Jurutas has been informed of your arrival and will provide you all the succor and assistance you require while investigating the Gilded Cathedral for clues to point you to the corruptive influence.
Find the source of this object and bring to it the righteous light of He Who Is On Earth. Leave no stone unturned and no thread unraveled in your search.
Awaiting you when you make landfall will be a transport for your use on Barsapine, as well as several devices you may find useful. Should you require anything supplementary I leave you to your own devices.
One last note, please be subtle in your efforts. Abbot Jurutas knows your purpose but the others within his parish do not. The Gilded Cathedral is the most holy location on all of Barsapine and I do not wish to disrupt its day to day operations without reason.
In the name of the Emperor, let none survive who turn their faces from Him.

Inquisitor Chane

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Eccleisarchial Holdings & Cryptic Note

Post by Valas » Fri May 11, 2012 3:07 pm

Eccleisarchial Holdings # 117. The Chamber of Uplifted Voices located within Kiephistron Altis. Clergy in Residence Abbot Vernstehn. His holy feast of St. Drusus expected pilgrimage requires no fewer than fifty clergy prepared to administer pennance.

Eccleisarchial Holdings # 118. The Gilded Cathedral located within Kiephistron Inferior. Clergy in attendance Abbot Clandis. The Light of the God-Emperor shines upon us all and gives day where there is night. Request Adeptus Mechanicus assistance determining function of Black Sepulchre.

Eccleisarchial Holdings # 119. The Chapel of St. Drusus located within Kiephistron Altis. Clergy in residence Cleric Adalmento. The Saint’s truth shared with the honest soldiers of the Brontian Longknives 407th infantry battalion. Re-assign Cleric Adalmento after re-deployment of the 407th.

Eccleisarchial Holdings # 120. Haematite Cathedral. Located upon the Twilight Ridge along eastern coastline. Clergy in residence none. Assign no clergy to this accursed place. Request Ordo Hereticus investigation into activities of Koronath Hekate, Gustuvas Hekate, and Nikea Hekate.

Eccleisarchial Holdings # 121. Outpost 408 located along Western coastline, Daylight Ridge. Clergy in residence Missionary Sleel. Shining the light of the God-Emperor upon the nomads of the desert wastes.

Eccleisarchial Holdings # 122. Bulwark of Sevatian located within Desactyne. Clergy in residence Drill Abbot Von Marker. Preparing the faithful pupils for pyrging of possible greenskin infestation.

Eccleisarchial Holdings # 123. Outpost 410 located along Twilight Ridge on western coastline. Clergy in residence Cleric Stednesh. Observing the sea for greenskin threats. Cleric Stednesh has been in solitude for fifteen years.

Historical Record of the Angevin Crusade

A document devoted to Aegvin Crusage in which the Imperial forces battled the greenskins Waaagh! It tells of the war between the xenos forces and the Imperium in which the Haematite Cathedral was built to defend against ocean attacks.

(scribbled on the left hand side is a hand written note that says "The Dei Phage: Haematite Cathedral" and scribbled on the right hand side is a hand written note that says "P.M. West 478 North 222 Reverse"

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Record of Vox Recording

Post by Valas » Fri May 11, 2012 3:07 pm

“My name is Tauron Hekate. No, that’s a lie. My last words shan’t be a lie. My name is Barabus Zanatov. I came to Barsapine in service of Inquisitor DeVayne, whose faith and strength I admire even more in these last days. I do not have his will, but I carry his mission.

“The evidence he entrusted to my care was safely within a cypher and in my hands. Unfortunately, the process for unlocking its secrets were not. The details of what brought me to this place are inconsequential. Should a loyal servant of the Imperium of Mankind find this recording, know this... the Dei-Phage does not wish the secrets I nearly decyphered to be brought to light.

“I am pursued by agents of the ruinous powers, men who hide among the flock of the faithful. My ruse, masquerading as a noble here, served me well this last decade. I have nearly bankrupted the fortunes gathered by my family’s warrant. It was worth it. The Black Sepulchre was built, the evidence nearly decoded. That’s when they caught up to me.

“They have taken my Black Sepulchre. Unable to dismantle it they took the land to raise up a new monastery. If they manage to block the night sky, the translation will not proceed.

“The Daemon, I can’t forget the Daemon. It spoke to us all, calls itself the God-Eater. Promised us... everything. I resisted but not all of my servants did. It’s talking to me now. I won’t listen.

“I’ve asked one last thing of my old friend, the Magos has brought to arms this machine. This last chance to prevent the fall of all of Barsapine. This last chance to stop the Dei-Phage.

“I will not see the battle through. I cannot. It wages even now, but should the Daemon take my mind I will be too dangerous to the cause. Uncover the Black Sepulchre marked on the Princeps maps, learn the truth I could not discover.

“Emperor Protect us all.”

A single explosive shot from a bolt pistol is the last noise from the vox-record.

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The Holo-vid

Post by Valas » Fri May 11, 2012 3:08 pm

The interior of an ornate chapel, dimly lit by candles flutters into view all around you upon the black stone of the sepulchre. Two dozen or so robed figures gather in the center of the chapel. One draws back his hood to reveal a man with a thin face, narrow eyes, and an air of authority. He holds up a skull into which are set several rubies, emeralds, and diamonds.

“Brethren,” he says. “By this gathering is the Maledictor's Hand founded. Let there be no mistaking our purpose. We are all of the same mind, that the Calixis Sector is a pit of sin and depravity, and that it must be cleansed. Our task is to bring about a religious cataclysm, the fires of which shall burn this sector’s corrupt and stagnant worlds, to be replaced with a fresh crop of believers under the rulership of the clergy we place in power.”

The thin-faced man holds up the skull and pours a trickle of something viscous and red from its eye sockets, which drips onto his lips. He hands the skull to the robed figure beside him, who drinks from it in the same way before passing it on.

“What is our next step, my lord?” asks one of the robed figures closest to the commander.

“Now we go on our separate ways,” replies the leader. “Seek out positions of influence in the Ecclesiarchy. I shall set my sights on the Deaconship of the Cathedral of Illumination. My ascension to the position of cardinal is already all but assured. We shall not meet in this way again, but by certain signs and code words I have distributed among you, members of the Maledictor's Hand shall know one another should our paths cross. To be specific, several of us shall ensure that our members are…”

“My brothers!” cries one of the robed figures. “We are discovered, we are no longer secure!”

“Stop him!” cries another. “Seize him! The spy must be silenced, activate the arco-flaggellants, do not let him escape!”

“Kill him! Tear out his eyes!” The leader screams his debased commandment and for the briefest moment his face is painfully clear. Though younger and in better health, it is
unmistakable. The man at the head of the Maledictor’s Hand is Arch-Cardinal Ignato, the unquestionable authority over the Ecclesiarchy within the Calixis Sector.

Several of the figures turn in the direction of the vidcap recording the pict-file. The image shakes as if someone holding the vidcap moves suddenly. The viewpoint swings as the device is picked up and the person carrying it flees. The image is filled with static, then the images turn black and the file ends.

The Black Sepulchre groans under the weight of ages and an acrid black smoke fills the air. It is clear that whatever stored this data is now lost and the Black Sepulchre ruined in the process. There can be no more witnesses to this atrocity and no proof of what transpired.

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