DMFI project focus - January 2019

A revival of the DM-Friendly Initiative (DMFI) for NWN
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DMFI project focus - January 2019

Post by Carlo » Mon Jan 21, 2019 8:01 am

Since the last project focus note in November I've completed moving house and almost all of my stuff has arrived, including my main computer, so that's a good start to the year. Over the next several weeks I'll be easing back into NWN and DMFI related projects.

The initial response to the revival of the DMFI has been positive and a major contribution was made by Neverwinter Vault admin, who updated the Vault-hosted DM-Friendly NWN module list and all of the individual mod pages with the DMFI certification banner. This is very important for documenting and promoting community mods for use by DMs, so I consider that a fundamental resource.

Regarding the Design Team, I've had a couple of private discussions regarding the goal of updating the 1.09 Wands and Widgets package, but no updated code has yet been provided from individuals or project teams who have used and modified it since release. I would in any case prefer to delegate that part of the DMFI's mission to a future Design Team Lead, since it really would benefit from someone (or a small team) with both the necessary skills and focus to take that on and achieve meaningful, high-quality results. That said, I feel competent enough to put together a new DM-Friendly base mod package for use with NWN:EE, which I think is important to encouraging the building of future mods; that was done previously for NWN2.

I'll therefore plan to focus my own efforts for the foreseeable future on updating and improving the DM Training resources available to the community, with some time for selected Design Team and Review Team items as well. An updated project task list for each DMFI mission area is given below. Community member participation and ideas are welcome in all areas, so feel free to PM me or post any questions or comments.

DM Training
* Update DMFI 101 mod for NWN:EE [Carlo]
* Consolidate and revise DMFI DM references and articles [Carlo]

Design Team
* Identify a Team Lead and any other scripters desiring to contribute to officially updating the DMFI 1.09 Wands and Widgets package for NWN:EE / NWN. [OPEN]
* Develop DMFI base mod package for NWN:EE [Carlo]
* Work with Beamdog on the technical compatibility of future NWN:EE builds with the DM client and scripted DMFI tools [OPEN - future Design Team lead]

Review Team
* Identify existing modules for potential future certification
* Encourage DM-friendly builders and submission of future mods for certification

(The above list is by no means exhaustive, and potential DMFI contributors are encouraged to suggest other new, creative projects they may be interested in taking on.)

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