Siege of Aldera - Tuesdays (rp thread)

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Re: Siege of Aldera - Tuesdays (rp thread)

Post by mineption » Tue Nov 10, 2009 9:23 pm

With a thud, Mer drops the bag and spills it's contents onto the floor. Arinia recognizes them right away: the books she stole from the school.

"I thought these were confiscated..."

She sifts through them for a moment...

Demonic Rituals. Arcane Healing Magic. Fun Pranks with Spells. How to Become a Sorcerer. And more... They were all very unorthodox books concerning arcane magic.

The blonde elf looks up at her familiar, expecting an answer from her statement. The mephit just grins at her.

She goes back to sorting through the books. They weren't exactly textbooks that students would learn from, but perhaps she can continue her studies to be a wizard after all.

"Oh and here!"

A tiny trinket is tossed into the pile of books. A locket. Arinia gently opens it up to find the picture of her parents there, in their serious and proud composure. With a sigh, she closes it back up again. There's no reason to start feeling homesick all of a sudden.

"Thanks, Mer..."

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Re: Siege of Aldera - Tuesdays (rp thread)

Post by tampamac2002 » Tue Nov 17, 2009 3:07 pm

Mei sits down at the bar of the inn. He flirts with the woman serving the drinks, however, something just isn't right. He knows that there is work to be done and just lazing around the inn is getting old.
He decides to head up to the rooms and check on Arinia. As he comes up to the door of the party's rooms, he notices Darius staring at him. And he has his sword out. And he's standing right outside Arinia's room. Darius looks like something is wrong.
With little to no thought, Mei draws his own weapon, a sturdy mace, and approaches Arinia's door.
Whispering to Darius, "What's going on?"

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Re: Siege of Aldera - Tuesdays (rp thread)

Post by Ayrik » Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:02 pm

With a shrug, Darius shakes his head noncommitally to Mei as he backs away from the door. He could understand a bit of what he hear in the room, afterall, he was a dropout and runaway as well, however he was very curious about this Mer fellow...and how he had gotten into the rooms unnoticed. But that was up to Arinia to tell if she chose.

Sheathing his sword he responds to Mei in a quiet voice, trying not to disturb Arinia. "I thought I heard something in her room, but it seems like she probably just tripped over something."