Siege of Aldera - Tuesdays (rp thread)

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Re: Siege of Aldera - Tuesdays (rp thread)

Post by Caanbow » Fri Oct 09, 2009 10:07 pm

He chuckles at Peran's comment. "Meh. Someone's gotta keep 'emselves fit if no one else is gonna take this seriously. Not all of us use magick er animal speak ta git by." He takes a couple more practice swings, aiming to keep the strikes as close to each other as possible, to take advantage of his knowledge of 'dirty fighting'.

"'Sides, ain't it a tad suspicious that we haven't received a single copper up front ta pay fer supplies? It's like de town wants us dead er sumthin'....sending poorly equipped 'adventurers' to deal with poisonous bugs, spiky bugs, big bugs." He twirls the weapons about in a flourish, and sheathes the dagger, and hooks the axe to a loop on his belt.

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Re: Siege of Aldera - Tuesdays (rp thread)

Post by Raganui » Sat Oct 10, 2009 3:13 am

"Could be they can't." He shrugs to himself lightly and then twirls his spear before him, moving closer to Curunor before taking a quick stab towards the rogue, fully intent on stopping it should he fail to dodge or block. "DODGE!"
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Re: Siege of Aldera - Tuesdays (rp thread)

Post by Gulfwulf » Sun Oct 11, 2009 10:09 pm

Repost from Thaelon:

It had been a less than auspicious start to an adventuring career, and Brother Argus wondered if he should have left the hallowed halls of his temple back home.

The boat ride was bad enough. They should call it sea plague, not sea sickness!

Argus crawled of the schooner vowing his return trip would be his last over the water.

Once he recovered his senses, he thought the march up mountain and to the mines might cheer him, but it was also a disappointment. The mines themselves were poorly planned and laid out in the opinion of any decent dwarf, let alone a cleric of Dumathoin.

The manager of the mines, a disagreeable little slag, who Argus thought would thrilled with some help, proved unwilling to do anything substantial to assist him when he encountered the insect men in the upper mines. Argus was lucky to escape with his life! The creatures were no mere goblins...

Argus later sat in a tavern back in town, sipping a bitter ale, wondering if he should simply return back to the mainland. Just then he heard two of the barmaids giggling about some adventurers come to town and how brave they were to fight the creatures assailing the island.

"Allies!", thought Argus. Did they need a healer? Would they appreciate the skills of one born and raised underground? He would make them!

But first, a proper introduction!

Speaking to the barmaids first, Argus then waited until the adventurers returned. They seemed a mixed bunch, not a dwarf among them, unfortunately.

Before they even sat all the way down, a round of drinks arrived at their table as the barmaid pointed to Argus, who was even then approaching their table. They exchanged curious glances so Argus gave him his best smile.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Brother Argus Ironspear, priest of Domathoin and member of the Gargin clan. I seek your help and offer mine."

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Re: Siege of Aldera - Tuesdays (rp thread)

Post by Ayrik » Tue Oct 13, 2009 4:35 pm

Watching the druid return, Darius grunts. "I hope it was worth risking your neck over, that's what you did. Next time, try telling the rest of us you're taking off." He hesitates for a bit before adding, "It is good to have you back though, I'm glad your safe."

Walking back into the Inn, Darius stood in the doorway a moment, just long enough for his eyes to adjust to the change of lighting, and long enough to hear Peran shout and lunge at Curunor. I wish they'd shout warning like that in a real fight...those two better not hurt each other. Shaking his head he made his way to the customary table in the middle of the room, and was surprised by the drink set in front of him before he ordered. Looking around, he spotted the only newcomer he had seen since first coming to the inn, a dwarf already walking his way.

Listening patiently to the newcomer, who seemed to be smiling a great lot for a dwarf, Darius began to understand. The dwarf, Argus, like themselves, was stuck here for one reason or nother, and couldn't handle it on his own. WEll, none of us could handle it on our own either, and more help is always welcome.

"A cleric you said? Sure we could use the help, always better to have help in a tight situation, but are you any good in a fight? I don't mean anything by it, really, just want to be sure you aren't the type to freeze up. Of course, never know a dwarf that was, but there's a first time for everything."

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Re: Siege of Aldera - Tuesdays (rp thread)

Post by tampamac2002 » Tue Oct 13, 2009 6:07 pm

Watching Curunor practice sure was making Mei thirsty. When the druid came walking over to the 'practice area', Mei took a good look at the new 'outfit' Peran was wearing. Muttering to himself, "hope he didn't spend the bug gold on it."
When Darius headed for the Inn, Mei trailed along, hoping to quench his thirst.
Upon entering, the beers were delivered, Mei immediately took a swig. Dang he was thirsty. Looking up he noted the smiling dwarf. A quick glance to see how Darius was taking the addition of a companion confirmed that Argus would be a welcome addition. After Darius was done speaking, Mei chimed in:
"Hello Argus, good to see an adventurer here in the middle of nowhere. I was afraid we might have to recruit a couple of miners, or farmers, to give us a hand. One thing is for sure, the bugs are plentiful, and dangerous. I'm not sure which god you serve, however, your blessings will be greatly appreciated."
Mei holds his hand out, hoping to shake hands with the dwarf.

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Re: Siege of Aldera - Tuesdays (rp thread)

Post by Thaelon » Tue Oct 13, 2009 7:22 pm

"Well Met, all of you! I am indeed a cleric, a priest of Dumathion, the most holy Keeper of Secrets under the Mountain. People say I am most gregarious for a dwarf, let alone a priest of the Silent Keeper, but a silent cleric is not a very good proclaimer of his faith, is he? Ha-Ha!"

Argus sat down jauntily at the table, ordering himself another drink.

"My mood is only more lightened to have my god provide such intrepid and noble allies in my darkest hour. Just like Him to keep things hidden until the very last moment," said the dwarf as he playfully shook at the ground.

"Now, as to my abilities, I am well versed in the healing arts, as previously I was assigned to defense battalion of Gargin Halls and greater kingdom. I do not claim to be a warrior, but when the metal hits the hammer, I will give a good account of myself."

"What I much prefer, though, is to lend the mighty strength of the Silent Guardian to my allies, making their blows land true and heavy."

"My own experience of these strange insect men was limited and fleeting, so tell me what you know of them, so we may plan."

Argus leans back and listens as each party remember recounts their adventure.

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Re: Siege of Aldera - Tuesdays (rp thread)

Post by mineption » Wed Oct 14, 2009 12:52 am

Arinia sits at the table, quietly listening in while sipping at the drink that was offered. It would be rude to turn down an offered drink?

She looks over the dwarf as he introduces himself. He sounded like he's been doing this kind of thing for years! Surely we are in good hands now?

Ick.. so that's ale... tastes like how the bugs smelled when they were squished.

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Re: Siege of Aldera - Tuesdays (rp thread)

Post by Caanbow » Wed Oct 14, 2009 1:07 am

Seeing the opening, Curunor tumbles under the thrust, and dives towards the druids legs, attempting to tackle his legs out from under him. He chuckles rather loudly, not offended what-so-ever at the "attack".

This guy is crazier then I am, but hells, its more fun then tossing darts in the bar.

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Re: Siege of Aldera - Tuesdays (rp thread)

Post by Gulfwulf » Wed Oct 14, 2009 1:24 am

+300 for full party posting (150 from the missed last session). XP will be +200/300 starting next session.

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Re: Siege of Aldera - Tuesdays (rp thread)

Post by Thaelon » Wed Oct 14, 2009 3:34 pm

Brother Argus sat back in his chair at the inn, munching on fried ham and eggs, contemplating yesterday’s events as the other members of his party chatted among themselves. Curunor was back at the dart board, practicing his throws. Apparently he and some other members of the group were in an informal competition. Being less than skilled with missiles in general, the cleric decided he wouldn’t be joining it any time soon.

A dark cloud had settled on Argus overnight, which was a marked contrast with the cheery euphoria he had felt yesterday, making his mood worse.

The priest knew he should have been pleased, as his allies seemed to be for the most part a solid group. Undisciplined, perhaps a tad, and green, certainly a bit, but they had held together well last night, even while traipsing around those eerie woods. They had encountered several of those spined horrors and a freakishly large centipede (at least it looked like one), and had dispatched all handily with anyone getting seriously hurt. Nothing to dismiss, for sure.

Still, they had certainly not faced the worst this island had to offer, and Brother Argus was concerned. They were a goodly number for sure, with an apparent wide spectrum of skills, but were they skilled enough?

No one person of the group he joined seemed to be a leader, although a couple seemed to assume the role sporadically, which could be as bad as no leader at all.

Curunor seemed sure of himself, but it seemed to translate into cocky which was at times abrasive. Still, he seemed motivated to move and act when needed, which was certainly a plus. He was eager to join in battle and seemed able to handle himself.

Darius seemed less cocksure but his attention seemed constantly drawn to Arinia, rather than matters at hand. Fair enough, Argus had made sure to keep the girl in his sights as much as possible out of concern for her safety, but there was an entire group whose backs needed watching.

Still, Darius definitely was skilled with a blade, and there was no doubting the man’s courage. Were he to assert himself more, he might make a fine leader.

The female mage, or she says she’s not, actually. So what is she? Brother Argus was not sure, and problem was, neither did she. His knowledge of elves was little, true enough. So, perhaps his lack of experience may be coloring his opinion, but Arinia seemed particularly timid and unsuited for adventuring, particularly because she seemed as if she did not want to BE adventuring! Very strange. Beautiful, but strange.

Argus could have sworn she had been staring at him at the Traders last night, but when challenged, she insisted she was simply thinking, “Staring at the Wall” as she put it, thinking. Argus did not know what would be odder; staring at him or the wall.

Peran mystified Argus, no doubt in large part to him being a Druid. Argus did not understand the affinity for woods and trees most of the other races had to begin with, but to dedicate one’s life to running around in them? Argus shook his head at the thought.

Not that Peran seemed unreliable, not at all. He seemed to carry himself with confidence without a hint of conceit, and truth be told, walking about the woods with him close by seemed to give Argus a certain sense of security, although he could not say why. Argus suddenly felt bad about calling “woods” unnatural, as Peran no doubt heard him and shot him a disapproving glare.

And Mei? Perhaps the strangest of all, in only Argus had never heard of someone carrying an instrument, and singing songs, into battle. Well, he HAD heard of bards, but he never quite believed all the tales. Yet, there he was, one of the smallest adult humans he had ever seen, walking along trail with them, plucking out tunes. Unbelievable!

Yet, yet, had Argus NOT felt something stirring in his chest when Mei had belted out one of his tunes at full force? His small dwarven steps seemed livelier and Argus has felt even more eager to take on those blasted insect man and smash them!

Well, we are quite the critic with our allies”, thought Argus, but what of yourself, dwarf?

Brother Argus slowed his chewing as he reviewed his own performance. He did not accomplish much, although managing to not get lost in that creepy forest had to count for something. He cast a few minor heals spell, (once on Mei who was not even hurt! He just looked so frail!) and certainly tried to rush into a battle, but by the time he had gotten there, the fighters had hacked the creature down, or the others had dropped it with arrows or bolts.

That was fine, he thought, as I am there to back the others, and render aid when needed, but still…

Using the minor healing spells on the small injuries the party members suffered was foolish. Better to wait until one was seriously hurt and use them to stabilize them, as he had been trained to do. And charging in the first place? What use would he be as a healer if he himself got seriously hurt?

Argus again shook his head, this time at himself.

I was so eager to prove my own self, I was not thinking. Kind of like when I lit that torch in the middle of woods to make a jest. The fighter had been right; that was like a beacon warning enemies of their whereabouts.

Looking around the odd assemblage of compatriots, Brother Argus made a vow to not be so critical of the others without first looking to himself.

Argus’s eyes wandered around the inn, and fell on the owner of the mines, and his thuggish human guardian. Still here, even as their mine was overrun with those bizarre creatures. The cleric’s bush brow furrowed and he only looked away when the thug, Jessup, locked eyes with him in another challenge like they had last night.

Now, THERE is someone to be critical of, fumed Argus.

His second attempt to speak with Onca proved as fruitless as the last time. The dwarf seemed more congenial, if one could call it that, than last time, offering Argus a drink as a diversion from the issue.

Turning back toward his compatriots around the table, Argus leaned in and spoke, loud enough to be heard, but not far enough for his voice to carry across the room.

“Something is very strange here, my friends. The mine owner *has* to be suffering financial ruin as his business has been shut down, but he seems entirely resistant to the idea of any help. Why? Does he have someone else working for him? If so, why not simply say so?”

“Also, why does the owner forbid the miners to speak? Of what harm is he worried would come if they spoke to us?”

“The blacksmith said that the price of metal, particularly iron, had gone up tremendously recently due to recent events. I spoke to the barmaid, Onda, and she says that Onca’s mine is the only one on the island supplying iron, and that shipments from outside are normally too expensive to consider. But, if the mine remains closed, the price will only increase as they are forced to import the ore.”

“I do not claim to have a scholar or wizard’s intellect, but something about this does not add up, or it does in ways that are hidden from us!”

As Argus spoke the words, he realized Dumathion may have just laid before him another secret to be unveiled…