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Seige of Aldera-Chat Logs

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Chat Log from 9/22/09

DM Wulf : //The ship from Mosstone has just docked and you all prepare to disembark.

Captain Carlon: Here we are, Southwarden.

Arinia : *backs away as he approaches* Thanks, um.. captain.

Captain Carlon: Hope ye folks enjoyed the trip and thanks fer 'elping with those winged creatures.

Never seen the like...

Darius Nomansson: *looks around warily before disembarking*

Curunor Kaiat: -looks down at the bent ladder-

Darius Nomansson: I'm just afraid we're going to see more.

Peran Hawkwing: Knowing our luck...

Curunor Kaiat: You and me both.

Shop Keeper: Please! You must give us passage away from this place!

Darius Nomansson: huh...

Curunor Kaiat: -hops down, not using the ladder-

Captain Carlon: Eh? Well, if'n ye have coin...

Arinia : What's this place like...?

Darius Nomansson: Why the hurry to leave?

Shop Keeper: What? Of course! Whatever your price, good sir!

Miner: *stares wide-eyed* Creatures! Come up from the ground and took me buddies!

Arinia : *cautiously places her feet on the ladder and quickly climbs down*

Darius Nomansson: Really, what did they look like?

Curunor Kaiat: Sounds like cicadas. Or moles.

Miner: Big..ugly...all spinly and stuff!

Miner: You stay here, you'll find out soon enough!

Darius Nomansson: Did anyone try and fight them back?

Miner: Aint' no fighting demons!

Arinia : Um... *watches the miner climb the ladder*

Peran Hawkwing: Sounds a bit like what we killed on the way here.

DM Wulf : //The townspeople quickly board the ship and stow themselves into the cabin*

Darius Nomansson: Hey, before you leave, where's the best place to get information around here?

Captain Carlon: Hoist the anchor! We got a wind ta catch!

Arinia : How will we get back if we need to?

Darius Nomansson: Hmmm...must not have heard me...

Arinia : *considers grabbing the ladder*

Curunor Kaiat: We ain't. Not till another boat comes by.

Captain Carlon: *calls down* I be back in a few weeks after this lot is off.
Need ta grab some supplies to bring back.

Darius Nomansson: *Waves to the captain* Good, we'll see you then!

Peran Hawkwing: So...

Arinia : *looks worried*

Darius Nomansson: *under his breath* I hope...

Peran Hawkwing: One of the caves or up the path?

DM Wulf : //*the captain waves as he steers the boat away from the beach and back into the

open ocean*

Curunor Kaiat: Let's just get up here. I'm gettin' sand in my boots.

Darius Nomansson: Lets stay out of the caves till we know what's happening.

Shari Habzen: *waves* I thought I heard newcomers.

Kharl: *bows*

Curunor Kaiat: Um.... hello.

Shari Habzen: WElcome to Southwarden, travellers.
It's not often that we get visitors here, especially with the recent troubles.

Darius Nomansson: I heard you have a bug problem...*holds out his parchment*

Shari Habzen: Ah, good. I had hoped brave adventurers would answer my plea. Please let me

introduce us, I am Shari, captain of the guard and this is Kharl, a cleric of Tempus.

Kharl: *inclines head* Honored.

Darius Nomansson: *looks around to see if there is anyone else he could be talking to*

So, what kind of help is it you need here?

Shari Habzen: Our town has been attacked repeatedly by some form of mutated insect.

Kharl: The walls have held, but we worry that the attacks may increase and overrun us.

Peran Hawkwing: Large, red, sort of resemble gargoyles?

Shari Habzen: *places a hand on Kharl's arm* Hmm? Yes, we've had those, as well as ones that

walk on two legs.

Darius Nomansson: *looks at Perran* Well, he's probably the one to talk to if you want to know more

about the bugs, he cut one of them open on the way here.

Peran Hawkwing: Interesting... I'll need some supplies.

Curunor Kaiat: -nods- Our ship got attacked by 'em and we lost our employer in the melee.

Darius Nomansson: But that didn't really answer my question. What is it you want US to do?

Arinia : *blinks* How big are these bugs?

Shari Habzen: Colliver and Neville are in the merchant's hall just to the north of us. Our

blacksmith is in lowertowm through the northern gate.
Why, we would like you to find out where they're coming from and stop them.
*to Airina* They're about knee high, though some are as tall or taller than a man.

Darius Nomansson: *looks at the two of them, and then at himself and his companions* Aren't you

capable of doing that? You certainly look like it.

Arinia : *grits teeth imagining them* okay...

Peran Hawkwing: It's most likely they don't have the forces to do it.

Darius Nomansson: I'm sorry if I sound rude, but I'd just like to know what I'm getting myself


Shari Habzen: We would, but we're hard pressed keeping Southwarden properly defended.

Curunor Kaiat: -nods- My only real concern is supplies.

Shari Habzen: Perform this duty and you will be properly rewarded.

Curunor Kaiat: I don't have much coin to my name, I dunno about the rest of you.

Peran Hawkwing: Hmm... truth there.

Darius Nomansson: Well, I know I could use a bit of reward. In fact, what are the chances of an

advance? *shrugs uncomfortably* I'd really like a covering of steel before going after

those things.

Shari Habzen: *smiles sadly* I would that I could, but Lord Vardaan has decread that no advances be

given. I would give you of my own pocket, but...Oh, wait, Kole Dannen, the leader of the

fisherman told me that he'll pay for any centipedes that are returned to him.

Darius Nomansson: Centipedes? Does he use them as bait?

Shari Habzen: Him and the other fishermen hunt for them in the forest of Worms to the north, but

have been unable to due to the attacks. Yes, they use the insects as bait.

Peran Hawkwing: Alright I guess I'll take a look around.

Arinia : Big centipedes?

Darius Nomansson: Wait a said hunt...
Just how big are these things?

Shari Habzen: You should be safe provided you do not venture too deeply into the forest.

Come back to the wall and the guards will assist you if you're attacked.

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs- Guess I should take a look at what the smithy is sellin'.

Shari Habzen: *holds hands about 2 feet apart* About this big.

Arinia : Must be big fish they're after... *looks a bit disgusted*

Darius Nomansson: *groans* I have the feeling I'm going to hate bugs by the time I'm through


Shari Habzen: One centipede provides a lot of bait.

Darius Nomansson: Or a big fish.

Shari Habzen: That too.

Arinia : *wobbles over to the mercantile hall*

Darius Nomansson: Well, I'm off to catch the rest of the wayward bunch. Thanks for the info.

Shari Habzen: Godspeed.

Neville: Ah, travellers, yes?

Darius Nomansson: Yes.

Neville: Going to the forest of worms, are you?

Arinia : Hi. Um.. yes... for bait.

Neville: Hail, fair lady.

Curunor Kaiat: -keeps looking through the racks of gear-

Darius Nomansson: I guess so, unless you can think of better work. We need funds.

Neville: Ah, good good! I wonder if I could ask of you a small favor, then?

Arinia : Sure?

Darius Nomansson: Favor implies friends, and free. Are we ready for that yet?

Curunor Kaiat: -throws a cloak over his shoulders and ties it loosely-

Neville: *rubs hands together* Excellent. Oh, no, this is not a free favor, my large friend.

There is a rare plant called courvis and I wish for some of its bulbs.

Darius Nomansson: Bulbs? *looks around for Perran*

Neville: If you return these bulbs to me I will gladly pay you or make powerful healing

salves for you.

Darius Nomansson: What is it with this forest? How come no one will go there for themselves?

Neville: *snorts* I take if you've heard of the attacks, yes?

Arinia : That's where they come from?

Darius Nomansson: I heard of attacks underground, let me guess, there are big bugs in the forest


Neville: Oh, yes! Very dangerous the forest is.
As to where they come, fair lady, no one knows. All we know is that they attack

without logic and seem to come from everywhere. Only fools venture into the forest now.

Darius Nomansson: How big is this forest? Are we likely to be away from town for more than a day?

Arinia : *slight whimper*

Neville: The forest can be tranversed in a few days, but it's not far outside of town.

Arinia : *fakes a smile* Good thing we're well prepared... haha.. hah...

Colliver: You want to buy something? I got stuff for sale.

Peran Hawkwing: I'll take a look at your inventory.

Darius Nomansson: Speaking of prepared, what other dangers are we going to face in the forest, and

do you have anything to counter them?

Peran Hawkwing: Pardon me, Darius, but do you have 7 gold I could borrow?

Neville: I have many a potion, my large friend. As for the forest *shrugs* Just be careful is

all that I can susggest.

Darius Nomansson: What do you need it for, Peran?
*nods thanks to Neville and goes to browse the shops*

Peran Hawkwing: Some supplies incase we must make camp out in the wilds

Neville: Remember to return if you find any bulbs!

Curunor Kaiat: -crams a large amount of camping gear into sack and ties a 20' rope around the bag-

And this...this is why I don't go into the woods. -chuckles nervously-

Colliver: You go into forest, yah?

Arinia : Did he say what the herbs look like?

Peran Hawkwing: Yes.

Colliver: *laughs* Wish you luck! Most who go not return.

Arinia : Oh.. thanks!
Oh.. sarcasm.. right. *clears throat*

Curunor Kaiat: -slings the burlap sack over his shoulder-

Colliver: Not know what "sarcasm" is. It new drink? *rubs stomach* Could use new drink. Fish head

ale tiring after while.

Arinia : Oh no no. It's a harsh or bitter derision or irony.
Like a sneering or cutting remark.

Colliver: Colliver lost in words.

Curunor Kaiat: Fish...head ale?

Arinia : *bump*

Colliver: Ah! No, Colliver not sarcasm. Speak only truth.

Arinia : *almost falls over*

Colliver: Colliver like you and wish you much success, but worries about insects eating you.

Arinia : Oh... well thank you for your concern Colliver.. um.. you make nice boots.

Colliver: Thanks to you. You survive forest, Colliver might have job.

Curunor Kaiat: ....Reassuring. -smirks-

Arinia : Is it? Oh.. right.. sarcasm.

Colliver: Go find bugs and tell Colliver about it.

Darius Nomansson: *walks over holding two small bottles he purchased from Neville* Well, these may

come in handy. Are we ready to go?

Curunor Kaiat: Lemme see if I can get much else.

Colliver: *to Peran* You man of forest?

Curunor Kaiat: Yeah. Pretty much ready.

Peran Hawkwing: Hmm? Yes.

Colliver: You find and kill bugs? They ruin shop.

Peran Hawkwing:Yes, I will

Arinia : Hm.. I guess.. I have everything that I could use..?

Colliver:*smacks Peran on the shoulder* You good man! Go kill lots of bugs. Need cusomters to come


Peran Hawkwing: Alright.

Curunor Kaiat: Hm. -inspects the water in the fountain-

Arinia : *straightens out her hair*

Curunor Kaiat: -takes out his canteen and fills it in the fountain-

Darius Nomansson: Before we head out, let's take stock of what we have available to us.

Peran Hawkwing: Hmm?

Curunor Kaiat: Ain't seawater. Probably from the underground. -talking to himself-

Darius Nomansson: I have my sword, sling, and these *holds out a flask of acid and one of

alchemist's fire*

Peran Hawkwing: I can use the lighter kits that they have for sale here. I picked one up.
Why I needed that money, I also have my spear

Curunor Kaiat:-sets down the large sack- I purchased some rope...a hefty bag of camping

supplies...And some more darts. Lost a bunch when we fought those things on the boat.

Darius Nomansson: Alright. How about you? *turns to Arinia*

Curunor Kaiat: -grabs the sack and slings it back over his shoulder-

Arinia : Hm? Um...

Darius Nomansson: It's okay.

Arinia : *lifts a side of her skirt and takes out a dagger off her thigh, showing it to him*

Curunor Kaiat: Uh....huh.

Arinia : Oh.. and a book?

Darius Nomansson: *looks at her thigh appreciatively* What kind of book?

Curunor Kaiat: ...Why did you come out all this way, if ya ain't gonna take it seriously? -sighs-

Arinia : A spellbook, of course... Don't you have one?

Darius Nomansson: She's okay, I think I have a good idea on the book anyway.

Peran Hawkwing: No. Don't need one.

Darius Nomansson: It's a spell book, isn't it? No, I don't have one.

Curunor Kaiat: A magicker. -sighs-

Arinia : Oh...

Curunor Kaiat: Goody.

Darius Nomansson: Good, that makes this easy.

Peran Hawkwing: We should go to the inn for tonight

Darius Nomansson: If we run into trouble, let's try and take it out from a distance.

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs- That's what tha darts are for.

Peran Hawkwing: Unless you want to try going out there at night

Darius Nomansson: I'll take point, Curunor and Perin, you two can stay back and out towards the

flanks, and Arinia can stay in the middle, keeping her safe to use her spells.
But yes, we should probably sleep tonight first...*yawns* it should be much more restful

than the ship.

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs- I thought magickers could fly and shoot flaming orbs at people. Why

should we protect 'er?

Arinia : *looks to the ground, nervous*

Peran Hawkwing: She may be an apprentice.

Curunor Kaiat: 'uh.

Darius Nomansson: *raises an eyebrow* You never fought in a group before, did you?

Arinia : Actually.. *goes silent*

Darius Nomansson: It's okay, you'll be fine. *looking at Arinia*

Curunor Kaiat: I still don' get it. Magickers get arrested where I come from. Tossed inta

spellhold, to rot. -shrugs-

Peran Hawkwing: Where do you come from?

Curunor Kaiat: Athkatla.

Peran Hawkwing: Hmm... how much for a room?

Curunor Kaiat: -plops down in a chair and leans back-

Arinia : That sounds like a wonderful place.

Peran Hawkwing: Never heard of it.

Curunor Kaiat: -lets the sack hit the floor-

Onda Kroeger: Rooms are 3gp for the night, dear.

Arinia : Except for the arrested thing...

Darius Nomansson: *to Curunor* I studied tactics a lot, although I haven't actually seen magic used

in a fight, I have seen it before.

Onda Kroeger: Business has been slow, so we've had to raise our prices slightly.

Peran Hawkwing: So... one room then?

Peran Hawkwing: *looks at the others*

Darius Nomansson: It takes time and concentration. I've heard that if a caster is interrupted

during a spell, all sorts of things can go wrong.

Arinia : *raises hand*

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs- I just know it ain't ta be trusted. I mean, blowin' up the middle of the

prominade a couple decades ago...sheesh.

Darius Nomansson: *to Peran* I think that's all we can afford.

Curunor Kaiat: ...'uh.

Darius Nomansson: *laughs*

Oron Earthcutter: 'nother ale, lass.

Onda Kroeger: Of course, sir.

Arinia : *still has her hand raised*

Darius Nomansson: Really, a promenade?

Onda Kroeger: Here you are, sir.

Curunor Kaiat: Waukeen's prominade. It's the market district.

Arinia : *lowers it, getting tired*

Peran Hawkwing: *looks at Arinia* Yes?

Darius Nomansson: All puffed up nobility dancing around in circles to prove they're better than

everyone else?

Oron Earthcutter: *drinks heartedly* Ah...good stuff. Any chance ye be gettin somethin' else

besides this fish head ale?

Darius Nomansson: Oh, not quite as funny that way...*blushes*

Curunor Kaiat: -smirks-

Onda Kroeger: *puts hands on hips* You know full well we need a supply ship for that, Oron.

Arinia : Um... well.. I'm not an apprentice.. or a "magicker"

Curunor Kaiat: ...Then whatdya do?

Oron Earthcutter: *wipes mouth* Oi! Just askin. *tosses over a gold coin* Thank ye again, lass.

Curunor Kaiat: Walkin' around in a dress with a knife ain't gonna do much to frighten off the bugs

when they come marchin' to us.

Darius Nomansson: *stands up* I need a drink.

Arinia : I'm pretty good with my crossbow..? *braces*

Curunor Kaiat: Let's hope so. -chuckles-

Lupa: *kicks feet back and forth underneath the chair*

Onda Kroeger: Lupa, it's getting late. Isn't your uncle worried about you?

Lupa: Aw, but miss Onda!

Curunor Kaiat: -takes out one of his darts and places the pointy end on his fingertip and spins it,

trying to keep it balanced-

Onda Kroeger: Don't miss Onda me, young man. Get.

Lupa: Aw. Yes, ma'am.

Darius Nomansson: *looks at the kid and smiles*

Lupa: 'cuse me.

Curunor Kaiat: -slips the dart back into its bandolier-

Arinia : *watches the dart*

Curunor Kaiat: -pulls the practice darts from the dartboard-

Darius Nomansson: I'm going to mingle a bit. We should probably turn in soon, though.

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs-

Jessup: What.

Darius Nomansson: Hey there.

Jessup: The boss is busy. What do you want?

Curunor Kaiat: -sets them on the table and begins throwing them one at a time at the dart board-

Darius Nomansson: Just to talk. Looking for a bit of information about what's going on.

Oron Earthcutter: Now now, Jessup, let the young man through.

Darius Nomansson: I figure you guys look like you have your fingers on the pulse of things.

Jessup: Yes, boss. *to Darius* I watch you.

Peran Hawkwing: *listens intently to Darius's conversation.

Oron Earthcutter: So. What can i do for a lad like you?

SERVER : [Shout] A solid hit, score 3!
Curunor Kaiat: Hmph.

Darius Nomansson: So, you're the boss? I was wondering if you could give me the details on what's

really going on here.

Oron Earthcutter: *chuckles* Aye. I own the local mine. As for the troubles? Well, besides my

workers not wanting to work, nothing really.

Darius Nomansson: All I hear is about the bugs, but never anything about where they come from, why

they're here, or when it started even.

Oron Earthcutter: Ah, but there in lies the question, lad. Nobody knows. They just appeared one day

out of nowhere; scared my workers half to death they did.

Darius Nomansson: Where were they seen first?

Oron Earthcutter: My mine. The little buggers dug up through the ground and started attacking my

workers! Little buggerss shut me mine down.

Darius Nomansson: I heard one of the miner's that hopped on the boat say something about


Oron Earthcutter: *takes a sip of ale* Ye think?

Darius Nomansson: That can't be good for business.

Oron Earthcutter: *shrugs* I manage.

Darius Nomansson: What do you mine here, anyway?

Oron Earthcutter: Not too bright are ye lad?

Darius Nomansson: I get by.

Curunor Kaiat: -tosses the last dart- Damn.

Oron Earthcutter: *snorts* Small wonder. Do ye see that metal Jessup be wearin? Well, that came

from me mine.

Darius Nomansson: How much does one of those things cost?

Oron Earthcutter: Have ta ask the smithy. Me, I didna pay fer it.

Darius Nomansson: *shrugs* I just figured you'd know what your product was worth, so you could get

the best price and all.

Oron Earthcutter: *chuckles* Aye, I be knowin what me product is worth. What the smithy charges fer

it afterwards is his business and not mine.

Arinia : *turns chair around looking at them converse*

Darius Nomansson: Anyway, I have a sinking feeling we'll be clearing out your mine for you in a

while, what should we know about it? Any coal deposites, firedamp?

Oron Earthcutter: *crosses arms* And why ye be thinkin that, lad? Me mine can take of itself once

those bugs be gone. As fer what be in it, that be my business and not yers.

Curunor Kaiat: -pulls the darts out and continues tossing them into the dartboard, listening in on

the conversation, trying to be as subtle about it as he can-

Arinia : *looks over Jessup's armor*

Peran Hawkwing: Ilka tuk tak...

Darius Nomansson: Fine here, but if they came up from your mine, I figure that's the place we're

going to have to go to clear them out permanently. Think on it, night. *turns and walks


Oron Earthcutter: *takes a long sip*

Darius Nomansson: Peran, you have the key? I'm heading up to the room now.

Jessup: *crosses arms*

Arinia : *gasps at Peran's language*

Curunor Kaiat: -takes the last three darts and tosses them like a fan-

Peran Hawkwing: I don't. I spent the last of my coin on the kit.

Curunor Kaiat: I ain't got it either. But I can pick up the cost, how much are the rooms again?

Peran Hawkwing: *nods*

Darius Nomansson: Would you? I'm broke.

Onda Kroeger: 3 gold, sir.

Curunor Kaiat: -nods- I'll take...four. If you have that many, of course.

Onda Kroeger: *smiles* That we do, sir. Not many travellers of late, what with the troubles

we've been having and all.

Curunor Kaiat: -pulls out a small pouch and counts out twelve coins exactly- Here ya are.

Darius Nomansson: Not even going to ask for a group discount? She just said she can't fill the

rooms. *grins*

Curunor Kaiat: -tosses down a handful of room keys- There.

Darius Nomansson: Out of curiosity, Perran, do you have a sling or anything of the like?

Peran Hawkwing: hmm? Er, no I don't.

Darius Nomansson: You should probably pick one up before we leave then. I have some spare bullets

you can have, and slings are cheap.

Curunor Kaiat: One to the back is the safest... -talking to himself-

Darius Nomansson: Who's sharing a room with me? Arinia gets her own.

Arinia : So should I get... *points to side door*

Curunor Kaiat: 'uh. I paid, I ain't sharin' a room with anyone.

Darius Nomansson: *nods*

Curunor Kaiat: -smirks-

Arinia : Good night...

Curunor Kaiat: -closes the door quickly and locks it behind him-

Darius Nomansson: Looks like we're bunk mates.

Curunor Kaiat: -falls onto the large bed and falls asleep quickly-

Darius Nomansson: *Takes out his sword and begins to oil the blade*

Peran Hawkwing: *makes the most of it, using a pillow and blanket to try and comfort up a corner.*

Arinia : *sits and unpacks a few things in preparation*

Darius Nomansson: I don't like it any more than you do. *lays down*

DM Wulf : [Shout] *The night passes without incident. Soon the rays of the morning sun stream

through the open windows of the inn.*

Darius Nomansson: *Stands up and stretches*

Curunor Kaiat: Hmph...mornin' already.

Darius Nomansson: Morning.

Curunor Kaiat: Mornin'.

Darius Nomansson: Seen Arinia yet?

Curunor Kaiat: -twirls one of his darts on his fingertip- 'uh. No. -chuckles-

Darius Nomansson: *knocks on the door* You up?

Arinia : *from inside* Yes... I'm coming..

Curunor Kaiat: -pulls the burlap sack tighter over his shoulder-

Darius Nomansson: We'll be downstairs.

Curunor Kaiat: -nods-

Onda Kroeger: Be careful if you're adventuring into the forest.

Curunor Kaiat: Rooms were perfect. -chuckles- Beats the hammock on the boat.

Onda Kroeger: *smiles*

Darius Nomansson: *looks around* Crowd doesn't change much, does it?

Onda Kroeger: All we have are locals, sir.

Arinia : *watching the floor as she walks*

Onda Kroeger: bar's to your right.

Arinia : Sorry...

Onda Kroeger: Can I get you some breakfast?

Curunor Kaiat: -continues twirling the dart, boredly-

Darius Nomansson: I hope that's not all you have *smiles* otherwise I won't be feeling very

comfortable. Yes please.

Onda Kroeger: *nods* Have a seat and I'll bring out some cheese and fruit. We're short of

fish I'm afraid.

Darius Nomansson: That's okay, better than trail rations.

Arinia : Did the others already eat?

Darius Nomansson: Guess so. Either that, or they want to go hungry.

Onda Kroeger: *sets down a large trail filled wth cheese and various fruits as well as two mugs of

water* The food comes with the room. Enjoy.

Darius Nomansson: *nods his thanks* Well, let's dig in. *helps himself to a generous portion of


Arinia : Real food... *takes a moment to look through the selection*

Peran Hawkwing: I wonder....

Darius Nomansson: If those two don't get back, I'll just eat their share as well. No use letting it

go to waste.

Arinia : *stands up to reach the other end of the table for an orange*

Peran Hawkwing: This day just had to be rainy...

Arinia : *smiles* What's this? *holds it in both hands*

Darius Nomansson: *turns the platter* It's easier this way.

Curunor Kaiat: The 'ells is takin' 'em.

Darius Nomansson: Umm...that's an orange. You peel it firts, otherwise it's not as good.

Arinia : *falls over as she reaches*

Curunor Kaiat: -sighs-

Darius Nomansson: Hey, you two almost missed breakfast!

Peran Hawkwing: *stares at Arinia a bit*

Curunor Kaiat: Yer all over yerself.

Arinia : *looks around for the orange she dropped* *crawls under the table*

Peran Hawkwing: Sorry, was checking weather and checking a few things

Curunor Kaiat: Let's hope yer not trippin' about when you have a loaded crossbow.

Darius Nomansson: You think of anything better than food in the morning? Or evening, or night for

that matter?

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs- Free food?

Darius Nomansson: *laughs* I guess so!

Arinia : *gets up with her orange and sits* *tries to peel it with her frail hands*

Darius Nomansson: Umm, why don't you use your knife? I'll be easier.

Curunor Kaiat: -sighs- Give to me, Arinia. -pulls out one of his darts-

Arinia : *gladly hands it over*

Onda Kroeger: *hands Arinia a damp towel* Here you are, dear.

Curunor Kaiat: -carves it into pieces using the point on the dart-

Arinia : Oh, thank you! *accepts it, confused*

Peran Hawkwing: *munches on bread and cheese*

Darius Nomansson: *polishes off his breakfast in record time, then nods toward the platter* Any one

else going to finish that?

Curunor Kaiat: -hands over the orange slices- There.

Onda Kroeger: It's not very ladylike to wear your food, dear.

Arinia : Yes, I.. um.. *starts wiping herself off*

Curunor Kaiat: 'uh. Sure. I don't like to eat before goin' out with my maces.

Arinia : *looks to the cut pieces, amazed*

Darius Nomansson: Really? I hate fighting on an empty stomach.

Arinia : *takes them and starts eating*

Onda Kroeger: *smiles softly and pats Arinia's shoulder* *to the table* Can I get you anything


Darius Nomansson: *fills his plate again and digs in heartily*

Peran Hawkwing: I'm fine.

Arinia : *gasp* These are so good!!

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs and wipes off his dart with his new cloak-

Onda Kroeger: *nods and takes the towel from Arinia*

Darius Nomansson: *Drains his water and then belches* 'Scuse me...that was good.

Onda Kroeger: *mutters* I hope we get that supply ship soon...

Darius Nomansson: *stretches* We ready to head out then?

Curunor Kaiat: Been ready hour. -chuckles-

Darius Nomansson: Before you ate? Really?

Curunor Kaiat: -twirls the slightly sticky dart on his finger-

Arinia : *nods with a piece of orange sticking out of her mouth*

Darius Nomansson: Well, we may as well fo then.

Curunor Kaiat: Not used to eatin' too often. -chuckles- Gold's tight.

Southwarden Guard: You teh ones that came in yesterday?

Curunor Kaiat: -nods-

Peran Hawkwing: Yea.

Darius Nomansson: Yeah, that's us.

Southwarden Guard: Right. Sheri said you're free to leave.

Curunor Kaiat: -looks down, checking his maces-

Darius Nomansson: Thanks...I think.

DM Wulf : [Shout] *the doors slam shut and you hear the heavy iron bar being placed as you exit
the city*

Arinia : *marches obediently*

Darius Nomansson: *cringes slightly* I don't like the sound of that.

Curunor Kaiat: Already I don't like this.

Peran Hawkwing: Alright..

Curunor Kaiat: -looks around slowly-

DM Wulf : [Shout] *the forest seems oddly quiet*

Arinia : This isn't such a bad forest. It's nice and quiet...

Darius Nomansson: Shouldn't there be more sounds here, Peran?

Peran Hawkwing: Centipedes, many more. *grunts*

Darius Nomansson: Be careful there...

Arinia : Oops.. I didn't hit you did I? *hand over her mouth*

Curunor Kaiat: Ow...gods that stings like hells.

Peran Hawkwing: No... one... got a lucky... bite.

Darius Nomansson: Try not to get them riled up until we're all ready next time...are you okay?

Arinia : Oh... At least they're not poisonous........?

Curunor Kaiat: -grabs a large, somewhat dirty cloth from a pouch and ties it around his leg-

Peran Hawkwing: ... They are.

Arinia : *cringes* Sorry...

Curunor Kaiat: 'uh.

Darius Nomansson: Yeah, they sell vials of the stuff in the apothecary.

Curunor Kaiat: Well...that helped a bit. -smirks-

Peran Hawkwing: Huh?

Curunor Kaiat: -begins moving very quietly-

Peran Hawkwing: *kneels to examine the campsite*

Arinia : Oh! See that shot?

Curunor Kaiat: Nice shot. -chuckles-

Peran Hawkwing: Interesting... Arinia, here.

Darius Nomansson: Hold on everyone...we need to get organized here.

Arinia : Are you okay? *looking at his wounds* Thanks. Oh wow.. these are cold.

Peran Hawkwing: I know

Curunor Kaiat: -twirls the dart-

Darius Nomansson: This isn't a good place for us to get seperated.

Peran Hawkwing: This site... is old

Curunor Kaiat: How old?

Peran Hawkwing: Old enough that I can't even get a clue as to what used it last.

Darius Nomansson: Would bugs need fires?

Peran Hawkwing: Doubtful.

Darius Nomansson: Then it was probably before they showed up.

Curunor Kaiat: -stays off the path, moving quietly-

Darius Nomansson: See anything?

Peran Hawkwing: Looks fine.

Curunor Kaiat: We gonna look at everythin'?

Arinia : *crouches down, looking at the water*

Peran Hawkwing: I want information.

Darius Nomansson: Best way to find bugs is to turn over stones, I guess.

Peran Hawkwing: Huh... interesting

Darius Nomansson: What is it?

Darius Nomansson: As you attack, you are stabbed by the creature's spines!

Darius Nomansson: Stay away from the spiny ones...

Arinia : Ew...

Peran Hawkwing: Bugs...

Arinia : *steps over them*

Darius Nomansson: Have to take them out at a distance...

Peran Hawkwing: But here's what I saw.

Curunor Kaiat: I'll be sure of that. A shack in the woods.

Darius Nomansson: *pulls a spine from his skin*

Curunor Kaiat: Just missin' the crazy old man. -smirks-

Peran Hawkwing: *searches the moldy sacks*

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Re: Seige of Aldera-Chat Logs

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Curunor Kaiat: -twirls his maces off his belt and checks the tightness of the grimy bandage on his


Darius Nomansson: *examines the shack for signs of recent habitation*

Curunor Kaiat: Hm.

Arinia : *follows Curunor inside*

Curunor Kaiat: -searches around the building-

Darius Nomansson: Huh...probably left when the bugs came...I wonder if there's anything inside?

Curunor Kaiat: -kneels down and begins rummaging about- Hm.

Darius Nomansson: Should be defensible for anything short of a fire....

Mei : knock knock

Curunor Kaiat: Old footprints. 'ey.

Mei : snuck up on you, didnt I

Curunor Kaiat: Well...not so much footprints. More like claw prints. -chuckles-

Darius Nomansson: Mei! Where have you been?

Mei : *looks around* Who, Me?

Arinia : *slight wave with a weak smile*

Curunor Kaiat: -gets back on to his feet-

Mei : *grins, catching his breath*

Curunor Kaiat: Those bugs cleaned this shack out.

Mei : You aren't hiding, are you? * looks outside quickly*

Darius Nomansson: I haven't seen you since you got off of the boat.

Curunor Kaiat: -taps his chin, hands still on his maces-

Mei : Well, I was trying to find out more about the situation.

Darius Nomansson: What did you find?

Mei : Nothing. *wrings his hands* I thought for sure..... *sighs*

Darius Nomansson: About the same luck we've had.

Mei : I heard you took on a task?

Curunor Kaiat: This shack has me a bit worried.

DM Wulf : [Shout] *the shack is musty and looks like it hasn't been inhabited in a long while.

Specks of dried blood dot the floor and walls. The furniture is in disarry, as if something

tossed it about looking for food*

Arinia : You followed us here all alone? Wasn't it scary?...

Mei : It's insects, isn't it?

Arinia : *slowly steps out*

Mei : Yeah, maybe a little. *bluffs*

Darius Nomansson: Kind of. We heard we can get money for turning in centipedes, and if we can find

some plant.

Curunor Kaiat: Obviously. We left a good deal of corpses back the way you came. -smirks-
-uses the slightly higher elevation to keep an eye out for more insects-

Darius Nomansson: I guess we should keep going, then.

Mei : I followed them. I knew who I was tracking. *grins*

Darius Nomansson: *grimaces* I wish we did...

Arinia : *looks up and takes a breath* Aren't we... *looks around*

Mei : nice land, I'm suprised to see it empty.

Arinia : missing.. someone...?

Curunor Kaiat: Uh? The druid?

Darius Nomansson: Where's Peran?

Curunor Kaiat: Hmph. Leave it to the crazy wilderness man to wander off in the woods.

Darius Nomansson: Hmmm

Mei : He should be following along in a day.

Darius Nomansson: I think the rest of us should stick together.

Arinia : *starts to look worried, finding no sign of him*

Mei : I agree. *looks at Arinia*

Curunor Kaiat: Agreed on that.

Mei : *waves her over*

Darius Nomansson: Didn't Peran have all the centipedes we killed?

Curunor Kaiat: -sighs-

Curunor Kaiat: Of course he did. -rubs his temples-

Mei : He must hve been returning them.

Curunor Kaiat: By Waukeen, druids irritate me like no other.

Darius Nomansson: Great...we may as well find more then, we need to fund this expedition somehow.

Mei : *nods* So, who goes first?

Curunor Kaiat: I can lead. I don't know how stealthy the rest of you are.

Darius Nomansson: I think Curunor is the best choice, he has the sharpest eyes and ears.

Mei : scout you mean, right?

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs- No need to scout...just let me lead by a good ten paces.

Arinia : *keeps quiet*

Darius Nomansson: Make sure you call if there's trouble.

Mei : 'Lead' on.

Curunor Kaiat: Of course.

Darius Nomansson: Arinia, stay close.

Arinia : *quietly* Okay...

Curunor Kaiat: -stays a bit off the road, staying as quiet as he can- -points up the hill-

Mei : crikey

Curunor Kaiat: Everyone alright?

Mei : that was quick

Darius Nomansson: Mei, are you alright?

Curunor Kaiat: -wipes the guts off his mace-

Mei : I think I got bit. *grabs his foot* Owwwww

Curunor Kaiat: 'eh, you'll be fine.

Arinia : *looks down at his foot*

Mei : *winces as he puts his boot back on*

Curunor Kaiat: Better off then the centipede is.

Mei : *hops around* ah, better

Curunor Kaiat: More ahead... not centipedes.

Darius Nomansson: Do you feel alright? You don't think you got poisoned do you?

Curunor Kaiat: Them spikey things.

Mei : No, i'm okay, now.

Darius Nomansson: About how far?

Mei : do you see the creatures?

Curunor Kaiat: -scans the ground- Thirty feet 'er so.

Arinia : *squints her eyes, looking ahead*

Mei: As you attack, you are stabbed by the creature's spines!

Darius Nomansson: Don't get too close to it!

Curunor Kaiat: -nods-

Arinia : Oh.. *backs away slowly* ..S.. sorry..

Curunor Kaiat: Damned things'll get spikes in ya if you try to bash 'em.

Arinia : *awkwardly sheathes her sword*

Curunor Kaiat: If yer too injured to push on...we can turn back. No sense in dyin' out here.

Mei : I have a spell, wait a moment

Darius Nomansson: I think we should head back soon, maybe we can pick up some more healing supplies

with what we can get for these centipedes.

Arinia : *looks down at Mei's boot again*

Curunor Kaiat: Especially to a buncha bugs. -laughs-

Darius Nomansson: Thanks.

Mei : I can continue, or rest back at the shack.

Curunor Kaiat: I got campin' gear.

Darius Nomansson: Is everyone else good to continue?

Curunor Kaiat: -nods-

Mei : *nods to Darius*

Curunor Kaiat: 'aven't bee scratched yet. Aside from earlier of course.

Darius Nomansson: Lead the way then, scratchless one.

Mei : I have a spare potion.

Darius Nomansson: I have some too, Mei.

Curunor Kaiat: Good to be outta de forest.

Darius Nomansson: What's that ahead?

Curunor Kaiat: Just a crossroads.

Darius Nomansson: I meant the arches...

Curunor Kaiat: Wait...

Curunor Kaiat: Nice shot.

Arinia : Thank you...

Curunor Kaiat: -pulls a spike out of his armor-

Darius Nomansson: Careful Mei, the spiny ones are more dangerous up close than from a distance.

Mei : *shrugs*

Curunor Kaiat: -kneels down behind a rock and looks over- Hm. Another centipede.

Arinia : Yuck... *steps over them cautiously*

Curunor Kaiat: Meh...just bugs.

Darius Nomansson: Poison bugs.

Mei : I see now, why Peren had all the centipedes.

Curunor Kaiat: Any way you all want to go in particular?

Mei : Nope, this way is fine. Curonur must have got tired of leading..

Curunor Kaiat: -goes prone on the hill and sneaks forward- -stands up slowly- A farm. Didn't see

any bugs.

Darius Nomansson: Do you see anyone there?

Curunor Kaiat: I think so.

Mei : probably deserted, that much I did hear in town.

Curunor Kaiat: Oh...wait. Little 'uns.

Mei : huh?

Curunor Kaiat: -points-

Arinia : *takes aim*

Darius Nomansson: You guys take out the spiny ones!

Curunor Kaiat: Ow, ya bastard.

Mei : the cellar is open

Curunor Kaiat: -pulls a couple bloodied spikes out of his legs-

Arinia : *tries to balance herself as she walks the uneven ground*

Curunor Kaiat: -kneels down and looks at the fruit on the ground-

Arinia : *unhinges and counts her bolts*

Mei : poor farmers, no defense i bet

Arinia : *looks to Curunor and backs away from the fruit*

Curunor Kaiat: Hm.

Darius Nomansson: We should probably get inside.

Mei : are you running low?

Curunor Kaiat: Them bugs were hungry. -shakes one of the branches and catches a piece of fruit-

Arinia : *looks to Mei, confused* .. Me?

Mei : Yes, You.

Arinia : Mm.. no, I should be okay...

Mei : I seen you looking at your supply.

Curunor Kaiat: -pulls a small knife from his boot and cuts it into pieces-

Mei : *shrugs* Okay

Arinia : I came prepared... haha... *forces a smile*

Darius Nomansson: Curunor, you want to check out the house?

Mei : Just ask if you feel like talking, or anything.

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs and slips the cut fruit into a belt pouch- Hmph. -begins working the lock

until the lock gives-

DM Wulf : [Shout] *like the shack, this house looks abandoned, but is in better repair*

Mei : Maybe we should rest first

Curunor Kaiat: I can scout it first. Just wait out here.

Darius Nomansson: Hold on, let's listen first

Mei : Good idea.

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs-

Darius Nomansson: *tries to hear any bugs inside the house*

Mei : *listens at the door*

Mei : *shakes his head* nothing.

Arinia : *bites her lip as she tries to stay quiet and listen*

Curunor Kaiat: -sneaks inside- Hmph. -crams a piece of fruit into his mouth-

Darius Nomansson: *gets ready to rush in if there's trouble*

Curunor Kaiat: -kneels down and jimmies another lock- Damn traps.

Mei : must be okay. I dont hear any fighting.

Curunor Kaiat: -grabs a bunch of stuff from a box-

Arinia : *looks down at the pumpkins and curiously kicks one*

Mei : Arinia?

Darius Nomansson: Lets go inside, I'm sure he would have called if there were problems, and it's

safer than out here.

Arinia : Yes?

Curunor Kaiat: Well...that burned. A lot.

Mei : she's gone, you go after cur

Curunor Kaiat: -throws a bag onto the floor-

Darius Nomansson: What happened to you?

Mei : oh

Arinia : *gasps when she sees Curunor*

Curunor Kaiat: Trap blew up in my face. -smirks-

Mei : can we rest in there?

Curunor Kaiat: -wipes blood out of his eyes-

Darius Nomansson: I'll take the camping stuff.

Curunor Kaiat: It's dead quiet in the main floor.

Mei : *pulls out his bandages*

Darius Nomansson: You should keep the boots, Curunor.

Curunor Kaiat: Found a box with well...that and a couple arrows. Ah. Thanks.

Mei : *looks at the boots* yeah

Curunor Kaiat: Could do with a new pair. Mine are fallin' apart.

Darius Nomansson: Anyone of you want the flask?

Curunor Kaiat: -shakes his head-

Mei : *looks to Avinia*

Curunor Kaiat: I got the boots, its only fair one of you take it.

Arinia : Not.. in particular?...

Mei : You throw it at people, er, monsters.

Darius Nomansson: *shrugs* I'll take it then, never know when it could come in handy.

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs- Some people kinda deserve it. I guess.

Mei : *shrugs*

Darius Nomansson: Was there more inside?

Mei : Let's find a safe place.

Curunor Kaiat: -grabs a dirty strip of cloth from another pouch on his belt and wraps it around his

shoulder- More boxes?

Darius Nomansson: More bugs.

Arinia : It's not safe in there?... *peers up at the house*

Curunor Kaiat: Didn't look around too much, that trap knocked me out cold. But it was dead quiet.

Darius Nomansson: If not, we should probably rest here, it's easier to gaurd a doorway than a


Curunor Kaiat: -nods- It could be safe.

Darius Nomansson: Let's go inside then.

Curunor Kaiat: Doubt there's much in there aside from more traps. -winces-

Mei : *sighs* It's getting dark.

Curunor Kaiat: -is sure to keep his eyes open for traps this time around- -points into the open

room- That's where the box was.

Arinia : *watches Curunor with worry*

Darius Nomansson: Why don't we just set up here, we can check the rest of the house in the morning.

Curunor Kaiat: We could...let's just hope nothings up or downstairs, ready to jump us while we're


Mei : I agree, let's keep quiet until morning.

Darius Nomansson: We'll stand watch, just in case.

Curunor Kaiat: -pulls out a large bag of camping supplies-

Mei : You need the rest the most, Curunor.

Curunor Kaiat: Meh...I ain't a child. I'll be fine.

Darius Nomansson: *looks at the burnt rogue* You should sleep now...

Mei : *keeps watch*

Curunor Kaiat: -throws down a bed roll and falls asleep, covered in quite a few dirtied bandages-

Mei : *checks on the door, listening at it*

Arinia : *guards the doorway..?*

Darius Nomansson: *sets up by the door, listening and watching the rest of the room*

DM Wulf : [Shout] *the night passes without incident. Soon you can see the first rays of the

morning sun through the windows*

Darius Nomansson: Morning.

Curunor Kaiat: That was my only bag of supplies. Let's hope we won't need to rest again.

Mei : aye, well, I've had better wake ups in the past.

Curunor Kaiat: -grabs another piece of fruit from his bag and bites into it-

Darius Nomansson: I have that bag you found here, if we don't make it back soon.

Mei : Are there enough bugs to make a trip back worthwhile?

Curunor Kaiat: -moves very slowly, keeping an eye out for more traps-

Arinia : Something interesting?

Darius Nomansson: You holding up okay there?

Arinia : Yes.. of course...

Darius Nomansson: If you need help, or to rest, just say so.

Arinia : *after he walks away* Thanks...

Curunor Kaiat: -begins thumbing through a dusty book-

Arinia : *looks to the ground*

Curunor Kaiat: I found a book. And an axe. A very old...heavy looking axe.

Mei : *lights his torch, holding it low, away from the ceiling*

Arinia : [Party] *looks down at the axe in wonder*

Mei : Canyons to the East.

Darius Nomansson: Looks like things got a bit out of hand here...

Curunor Kaiat: No sense in not checking this place for more supplies. -shrugs-

Darius Nomansson: Was that all that was upstairs, then?

Mei : there was a cellar door around the side

Curunor Kaiat: -sneaks down stairs- Keep Arinia upstairs.

Darius Nomansson: Stay here

Arinia : Oh...

Curunor Kaiat: 'ells, if ya got a weak stomach, stay up there. -chuckles weakly-

Mei : *feels his way in the dark of the basement*

Darius Nomansson: Probably something nasty.

Arinia : *backs out, disappointed*

Curunor Kaiat: -slips on the blood a little-

Darius Nomansson: Everything okay down there?

Arinia : What did you find? *raises her volume gradually*

Curunor Kaiat: Boo. ...Pretty gory down there.

Darius Nomansson: Funny.

Arinia : *looks a bit spooked* Huh?...

Curunor Kaiat: Just bones and blood.

Arinia : So that was the owner of the house then...

Darius Nomansson: That was the way out of the cellar?

Curunor Kaiat: -nods-

Mei : *looks for stuff in the drawers*

Darius Nomansson: Stay with Arinia, I want to see something down there.

DM Wulf : [Shout] *animal bones and dried blood litter the basement.

Curunor Kaiat: Pitch black and slippery. Careful now.

Arinia : Can I look?...

Curunor Kaiat: -leans against the railing-

Mei : sure, why not.

Curunor Kaiat: I don't think it's a good idea. No need to spook the magicker.

Arinia : *looks between the two, conflicted by what they say now*

Darius Nomansson: *examines the blood stains and bones to see if he can tell when this happened*

Mei : It's her choice.

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs- No need to go down though. Just gore and bones. Not human bones, of

course. -shrugs-

Mei : I think it was the farm animals.

Curunor Kaiat: Much too big... probably cattle.

Darius Nomansson: *grunts, standing up*

Arinia : *stays put* ... Okay....

Mei : So, did anyone else read that diary?

Curunor Kaiat: -twirls the dagger on the tip of his finger-

Darius Nomansson: A bit gruesome, but not as bad as a slaughter house.

Curunor Kaiat: Of course. Smell was enough to knock me over.

Darius Nomansson: We should probably get moving.

Curunor Kaiat: -chuckles-

Mei : yes, I'm ready.

Arinia : [Party] *looks to the book*

Darius Nomansson: *looks around* I wonder if the bugs will come back soon...

Curunor Kaiat: -shakes his head- Dunno.

Mei : [Party] I bet their not far away.

Curunor Kaiat: Doubtful.... no more meat. -points down- -slips the axe from his bag- Hm. I'll give

it a whirl.

Darius Nomansson: Let's take these centipedes back...

Mei : Sure.

Curunor Kaiat: -nods-

Darius Nomansson: I don't really want to be stuck here another night.

Curunor Kaiat: I'm all fer it. -looks down at the axe- -twirls the axe a little, getting used to

the weight-

Mei : I see something

Darius Nomansson: Where?

Mei : In the road

Curunor Kaiat: 'uh?

Mei : I dont see it anymore.

Darius Nomansson: Thought I saw it too...

Curunor Kaiat: Probly just a funny lookin' cobblestone.

Arinia : Did we ask what that plant looked like...? *pats something off her shoulder*

Darius Nomansson: Did the rest of you notice anything wierd on the way back?

Curunor Kaiat: -shakes his head- -tosses the axe up into the air and catches it-

Mei : other than that thing in the road, nope.

Curunor Kaiat: There we are... the balance is a bit off.

Darius Nomansson: I've been thinking of something...and I think I just finished working my way

through it....

Mei : *holds his tongue*

Arinia : What are you thinking of...?

Darius Nomansson: How many of you have killed bugs before? Not these big ones, but just norman

bugs, like ants or something?

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs-

Mei : I lost count.

Curunor Kaiat: Roaches aplenty. -shrugs-

Arinia : Um.. *counts on her fingers* Two?... That I know of...

Mei : Two?

Darius Nomansson: Think about it, if you kill a bug, there are always more the next day, especially

something like ants, where they have their nests nearby, right?

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs- Just gotta hit 'em at the source.

Mei : Your not suggesting we stop killing them, are you?

Darius Nomansson: So why didn't we see any more bugs on our way back?

Curunor Kaiat: Hm. Dunno about that one.

Arinia : *takes out the diary* Well.. he wrote down.. they seem to come from the east?

Mei : Yeah, but he meant east of his house.

Darius Nomansson: Only thing I can think of, it you kill ants too far from their hills, when

they're looking for something new, they don't always come back.

Curunor Kaiat: -nods-

Mei : Never really looked at ants. Just stepped on them.

Curunor Kaiat: I ain't 'eadin' back out that way, until I'm ready.

Darius Nomansson: Maybe these bugs are just scouts, looking for new food and such?

Mei : We need some supplies is all

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs- Could be.

Arinia : *mumbles it out* I think you're right...

Darius Nomansson: *nods to Mei* It's probably nothing, but if these are just the scouts, imagine

how many of these bugs there are altogether?

Curunor Kaiat: Yeesh. Gonna need a lotta alchemist fire.

Mei : probably a bunch. The note did say the mine was overrun by bugs.

Darius Nomansson: I think we should be more careful too, if they come in a swarm, we're finished.

Curunor Kaiat: -smirks- That's what our legs are for.

Darius Nomansson: *looks around, then at the city* And I'd feel a lot more comfortable with walls

around me.

Mei : *shrugs* Who would have thought.

Southwarden Guard : They return.

Curunor Kaiat: -shakes the branch and grabs a piece of fruit-

Southwarden Guard : Open the gate.

Arinia : *follows suit and tries to reach up for one*

Southwarden Guard: Come on, then.

Curunor Kaiat: -nods-

Darius Nomansson: *nods to the gaurd* Thanks.

Arinia : *gets on her tippy-toes*

Mei : Need any help, m'lady?

Southwarden Guard: Hurry up. These gates need to be closed and locked.

Arinia : *jumps and snatches one* Got it! Oh...

Mei : *same height*

Curunor Kaiat: -peels the orange with his fingers and pops a piece of it into his mouth-

Mei : good

Southwarden Guard: Yes?

Arinia : *puts her orange away in her pack with a smile*

Darius Nomansson: *to the gaurd* Do you know where I could find the fishermen? I have something

they might want.

Southwarden Guard: The fishermen? Yes, the're in uppertown near the docks. They should be to the

left as you're facing the sea.

Darius Nomansson: Thanks.

Southwarden Guard: Anytime.

Mei : To the docks?

Curunor Kaiat: -continues eating his orange- I guess so.

Darius Nomansson: Should we go unload out bait then? Gods know I don't want to carry it any longer

than I have too.

Mei : what did I hear about a plant? after you

Curunor Kaiat: -splashes water from his canteen onto his now sticky fingers and refills the


Darius Nomansson: It was for the alchemist....Peran had the details.

Mei : *rinses his face, dumping out his canteen, then refilling it with fresh water*

Curunor Kaiat: I'll meet ya in the inn.

Darius Nomansson: Okay, we can split what I get for these things when we get there.

Arinia : *bump*

Mei : Hye I'll come with

Curunor Kaiat: Could use a game a' darts.

Mei : maybe I can wrangle a few more coin out of him for our eforts

Arinia : You're going to wrangle him?

Mei : coming with, m'lady?

Curunor Kaiat: -pulls the darts out of the board-

Darius Nomansson: That would be nice, something about a delivery charge?

Mei : Yeah, I knew you would be a watcher. *looks back, and winks at Avinia*

Darius Nomansson: You know where the fishermen are, Mei?

Arinia : S.. sorry..

Curunor Kaiat: -tries to line up each throw perfectly-

Mei : Nope, I stayed in the Inn.

Southwarden Guard: They're by the tower. *points south*

Darius Nomansson: Thanks

Arinia : Thank you! *waves*

Mei : *holds his hand out*

Logran: Eh? Can I help you, stranger?

Darius Nomansson: You the guys looking for bait?

Mei : Some of the best bait around, I might add.

Logran: That we are. It's been hard hunting, what with the bugs an dall. So. Do you have some?

Mei : Some? He has the only bait in town, mister.

Darius Nomansson: Well, it just got easier, although maybe a bit more expensive...*sets out the

centipede corpses for them to see*

Logran: So let's see it.

Mei : Blimey, look at the size of that one. *points at the largest*

Logran: Ah! But are you a sight for sore eyes. Expensive eh? Well, I'll give you five gold each.

Arinia : *backs away, expecting a good "wrangle"*

Mei : Best bait around, ... not to mention, the ONLY bait in town.

Darius Nomansson: *looks to Mei* What do you think? I think the bandages from the gathering will be

a mite expensive.

Logran: *snorts* Boy, this isn't the *only* bait in town.

Mei : Here's what we can do.

Darius Nomansson: No, just the best, right?

Mei : you give us six each, and we'll only sell to you. Cause you know we are getting more.

Logran: *shrugs* Look, we're not merchants and we aren't rich. I'll give you six for each and

that's our final offer.

Darius Nomansson: Deal.

Logran: *holds out a hand* Deal.

Darius Nomansson: *shakes hand*

Mei : *nods* done deal.

Arinia : *looks a bit disappointed*

Darius Nomansson: There you are, seven premium centipedes.

Logran: *shakes Darius's hand and takes up the bait* Pleasure doing business with you, lad.

Darius Nomansson: *counts out the gold* Pleasure doing business with you.

Arinia : Yey?

Darius Nomansson: Back to the Inn, I guess?

Mei : *whisper* you got 42 gold, right?

Logran: Come back if you find any more.

Darius Nomansson: Will do! *to the fisherman*

Mei : *nods to the man and walks off*

Logran: *waves*

Mei : *grins as he walks away*

Arinia : *turns and looks down at the water in awe*

Curunor Kaiat: -tosses the darts in patterns, not actually aiming for the bullseye-

Mei : is something wrong?

Arinia : *shivers* Mm.. no?

Darius Nomansson: *calls back to Mei and Arinia* Are you two coming? If not, I'll eat your food!

Mei : *looks at her* You sure are a pecular one, at times, Miss Arinia. Um, my apetite is remiss

at the moment.

Arinia : Ooh, I don't want to miss food.. *hurries along*

Curunor Kaiat: -chuckles, looking at the smiley face pattern he left in the dartboard-

Darius Nomansson: Looking for a partner?

Curunor Kaiat: 'uh. Sure. -pulls the darts out-

Arinia : .. Was it here?...

Curunor Kaiat: -sets them down on the table-

Mei : The Inn?

Arinia : *looks up at the house* Where are they? *looks to each building*

Curunor Kaiat: Just practicing. Hittin' little targets is a pain.

Mei : by the fountain

*Darius Throws*
SERVER : [Shout] A solid hit, score 3!

*Curunor Throws and misses*
Curunor Kaiat: Whoa.

Mei : oh, wait, nope

*Darius throws again*
SERVER : [Shout] A solid hit, score 3!

Arinia : *frown*

Curunor Kaiat: Um... I'll pay fer tha damages. -laughs-

*Curunor throws again*
SERVER : [Shout] Bullseye, score 4!

Darius Nomansson: Nice throw.

Onda Kroeger: I certainly hope so.

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs- Yer still winnin'.

*Darius throws again*
SERVER : [Shout] A glancing hit, score 2!

*Curunor throws again*
SERVER : [Shout] Bullseye, score 4!

Arinia : We're not lost, are we?

Curunor Kaiat: Ah...nevermind that then. -smirks-

Mei : nope

Curunor Kaiat: We're tied.

Darius Nomansson: *grimaces* Tied now, that first one was a gimme, wasn't it?

Mei : its around here somewheres.

Curunor Kaiat: -laughs-

*Darius' final throw*
SERVER : [Shout] Bullseye, score 4!

Curunor Kaiat: Could've been.

*Curunor's Final Throw*
SERVER : [Shout] Bullseye, score 4!

Darius Nomansson: Ha! A tie, shouldn't have botched the first throw.

Curunor Kaiat: -chuckles- Leave it to me to screw that 'un up.

Darius Nomansson: Anyway, you hungry? I know I am.

Curunor Kaiat: Good throwin'. Don't see too many who can keep up. Sure. Could use something that

ain't fruit.

Darius Nomansson: Thanks, target practice was required back at the...nevermind.

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs-

Darius Nomansson: Hello miss Onda, I was wondering if you have anything for an empty belly?

Curunor Kaiat: -leans back-

Arinia : *unstraps the hilt on her hip* We got lost...

Mei : Yeah, that's what we did.

Curunor Kaiat: -sets down the large "cache" of weapons he's carrying- Oh. Of course.

Darius Nomansson: *smirks* I have the feeling Mei is very good at getting lost when he wants to be.

Curunor Kaiat: Ugh...two maces, an axe, darts, and my bootknife. I bet Tempus' men don't carry

this much into battle.

Mei : Where's the food? Let's not keep the lady waiting.

Onda Kroeger: Coming right up, sir. Have a seat and I'll bring it out.

Arinia : *looks to Mei* You can get lost by wanting to be?

Darius Nomansson: Happily.

Mei : *grins* I don't know what your talking about, Mister Darius.

Curunor Kaiat: And...another joke flies over the Magickers head.

Mei : Don't you listen to him, Arinia.

Darius Nomansson: Oh...of course not. *rolls his eyes*

Curunor Kaiat: I thought yer type were supposed to be learned or whatever. Guess jokes ain't

popular in the wizard's tower.

Onda Kroeger: *sets a tray ladden with food and drink on the table* Here you are sirs and madam,


Arinia : *looks worried now, trying to figure out what she missed*

Darius Nomansson: Thank you, my gracious hostess. *digs in with abandon*

Mei : *takes a piece of vegetable and start munching on it*

Curunor Kaiat: -looks for a leg of some sort of animal to gnaw on-

Onda Kroeger: *takes stock* Hmm. Almost out of ale...

Arinia : *looks through the selection* So we can.. choose anything?.. *pointing at them*

Curunor Kaiat: -sighs-

Mei : *hears the lady talking* *laughs*

Darius Nomansson: *Chokes then coughs* Almost out of ale?

Curunor Kaiat: That's what the food is for.

Mei : Of course.

Arinia : *eeks at the sigh and tries to decide what to take*

Darius Nomansson: *grabs another plate before standing*

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Re: Seige of Aldera-Chat Logs

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Peran Hawkwing: Heh, I did say Dodge, Curunor.

Mei : *drinks from the flagon*

Curunor Kaiat: -goes to his usual game of darts, leaning against the table-

Darius Nomansson: Well then, brother, may as well have a seat.

Mei : Mighty fine gesture, Argus, thankee

Curunor Kaiat: 'uh.

Darius Nomansson: So, let's count our assets...*sets the gold on the table*

Onda Kroeger: *wipes down the bar*

Curunor Kaiat: Who's de dwarf? -pulls the darts out of the board-

Darius Nomansson: This is Brother Argus

Arinia : *puts down her mug of ale*

Curunor Kaiat: Ah. -nods-

Darius Nomansson: He's offered his help.

Arinia : *and doesn't touch it again...*

Mei : I have a few gold I can put towards healing supplies.

Curunor Kaiat: Oh? Could use 'nother hand I guess.

Brother Argus Ironspear: Brother Argus, we met earlier, before you drankk all that mead! HA-HA!

Darius Nomansson: *looks at Arinia and grins as he takes a long draught* It's an acquired taste.

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs- -sets the darts on the table-

Mei : *finishes his ale*

Peran Hawkwing: I don't think I'll drink Fish Head Ale... not my taste.

Darius Nomansson: Well, there's 84 to split how we need it, how much do you have, Mei?

Mei : ten gold

Curunor Kaiat: Ale's bad enough. I'll stick to de water outside.

Onda Kroeger: *looks over the bottles and frowns*

Brother Argus Ironspear: I have 75 gold myself, although I could do with a better suit of armor or

shield if they were available...

Darius Nomansson: 94 about the rest of you?

Curunor Kaiat: I

Peran Hawkwing: I got a single gold on me

Curunor Kaiat: Thirtyish.

Darius Nomansson: I'm sure we all could...

Curunor Kaiat: I don't like spendin' my gold on things that ain't necessary.

Arinia : Uum.. *starts counting her gold*

Darius Nomansson: Alright then, I guess it's time to re-supply. Let's make sure everyone has a

ranged weapon for those spiny bastards before heading out.

Mei : *nods*

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs- I'm ready to go out whenever you all are.

Brother Argus Ironspear: Did I say I need a new shield. *I* must have had too mcuh ale!

Mei : *eyes wide open* *looks to Darius*

Curunor Kaiat: Hmph...let's hope yer 'ead clears out before we head back out.

Mei : did you just hear what I heard?

Darius Nomansson: First time I've heard that from a dwarf. Well, I'm going to see the blacksmith,

anyone coming along?

Curunor Kaiat: -nods-

Mei : Aye, aye

Brother Argus Ironspear: I will tag along. Is he a dwarf?

Peran Hawkwing: Yea, let's go

Mei : *mutters* a dwarf that has had too much ale. *shakes his head*

Darius Nomansson: Hope it's not too expensive...

Curunor Kaiat: Need to see how much I need to save up fer a vest a' chains.

Arinia : *finishes counting* 64 coins.. *looks around* Oh...

Peran Hawkwing: You want the blacksmith? or the merchants?

Curunor Kaiat: Blacksmith.

Darius Nomansson: Yeah, you've been there before, havent you?

Curunor Kaiat: -nods-

Peran Hawkwing: Hello

Curunor Kaiat: Checkin' de prices.

Arinia : *watches the rain pouring onto the hot metal*

Ferron Kroeger: *gestures at the weapon rack* Have a look, then. Most of my work is for the guard,

but I have a few pieces I can part with.

Curunor Kaiat: -nods-

Brother Argus Ironspear: Greetings, blacksmith. I myself am looking to see if I might purchase

armor heavier than what I am wearing.

Ferron Kroeger: Talk to Colliver if you need anything I don't have, he deals with the general


Ferron Kroeger: Of course, sir Dwarf. Take a look at my stock. Boy, let the customers pass.

Brother Argus Ironspear: Thanks be to you.

Smith's Apprentice: Yes, sir!.

Darius Nomansson: Okay then, there seems to be a good selection, what did everyone need?

Curunor Kaiat: De chainmail seems a bit too heavy fer me. -nods-

Mei : maybe a better shield or armor, I'm okay with my weapons.

Darius Nomansson: And a bit too expensive for me...*sighs* The shields are pricy too.

Ferron Kroeger: Metal is dear right now, with these constant attacks, but yes, I'm still open for


Brother Argus Ironspear: I'd like to see what you have for sale.

Peran Hawkwing: Hmm...

Darius Nomansson: If we can get you more, could we get a discount?

Ferron Kroeger: I wish I could charge less, but metal is precious right now.

Curunor Kaiat: -smirks- A pair of those picks could prove devastating. -chuckles-

Ferron Kroeger: Metal? Of course. I'll even give you a bit of coin for your troubles.

Peran Hawkwing: I'm curious on that.

Curunor Kaiat: Golds too tight to be throwin' it around though.

Brother Argus Ironspear: Zounds! These prices are a bit higher than I expected, although fine work

it appears to be...

Peran Hawkwing: So, we just need to find a good ore vein.

Darius Nomansson: Alright, other than the mine is there anywhere around here to find some?

Ferron Kroeger: *shrugs* Not that I know of, 'less it's just sitting on the ground.

Darius Nomansson: Well, we'll keep our eyes open. Arinia, did you get your bolts?

Brother Argus Ironspear: Is there a place in town that sells healing supplies?

Ferron Kroeger: You know where to find me if you do.

Arinia : My bolts?...

Peran Hawkwing: The merchants sell a variety.

Darius Nomansson: You said you needed more, right?

Peran Hawkwing: they might have what you want

Arinia : Oh, right..

Brother Argus Ironspear: Right, that sounds like our next stop.

Arinia : *looks to the other side of the weapon rack*

Curunor Kaiat: I'd like ta hurry before de bugs we cleared out come back to greet us.

Darius Nomansson: Hmmm...should I spend the money on a bigger shield, or should we save it for the

healing supplies?

Arinia : I think I got enough now.. *picks up four cases*

Brother Argus Ironspear: If that shield will keep your guts in the inside, Iwould get it!

Peran Hawkwing: If i had a shield and that club, I could do some defensive work, but I prefer my

spear. It's up to you guys.

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs- Everything's a bit too 'eavy fer me here.

Darius Nomansson: Well, if I pick up this shield, you can have my smaller one and I'll get that

club for you myself.

Brother Argus Ironspear: By the way, lads and lass, I have a spare small shield to lend

Curunor Kaiat: Small shield? I could do with one. How much ya want fer it?

Mei : we've survived so far, lets get a shield

Peran Hawkwing: You're also wearing bright green clothing.

Curunor Kaiat: -fumbles through his coins-

Brother Argus Ironspear: Nothing, my good friend. Just give it back when you get a better one.

Mei : yeah, one of the maids helped me, well, she did

Curunor Kaiat: -nods- Alright then.

Darius Nomansson: Anyone else need a shield? *holds out his battered small shield as he fits on the

one he picked up*

Lupa: 'ey! There you are! *pants*

Arinia : *stays quiet*

Mei : Nah, I got one of them

Darius Nomansson: I'll take it. *Counts out the coins for the smith*

Brother Argus Ironspear: *Argus holds out the shield

Curunor Kaiat: -looks at the shield- That'll do nicely. Thanks.

Arinia : Hi?

Peran Hawkwing: Hello.

Lupa: Co-Colliver says he wants to talk to you lot.

Curunor Kaiat: -straps it to the back of his fist-

Peran Hawkwing: Hmm...

Arinia : About what?

Peran Hawkwing: Thanks

Darius Nomansson: Of course...

Lupa: *shrugs* I dont' know, ma'am, he just gave me a coin to come and tell you.

Peran Hawkwing: Alright

Lupa: Now I told you, I'm off.

Darius Nomansson: Colliver?

Brother Argus Ironspear: Argus sits down for a bit

Arinia : Um.. thanks?

Brother Argus Ironspear: Huh, where is he going?

Curunor Kaiat: I think he's one of de merchants.

Arinia : Another job?

Darius Nomansson: Well, let's go see him then.

Curunor Kaiat: -nods-

Brother Argus Ironspear: Can anyone lead me to this general provisioner?

Mei : maybe two jobs at the same time

Curunor Kaiat: It's where we're headed.

Darius Nomansson: That's where we're heading.

Peran Hawkwing: Yea.

Curunor Kaiat: -knocks the shield once, testing it-

Peran Hawkwing: What do you need?

Curunor Kaiat: Good weight to it.

Brother Argus Ironspear: @Curunor "That's solid dwarven oak!

Peran Hawkwing: You want us to head there and pick something up?

Curunor Kaiat: -leans against the shelf-

Colliver: Left cold stuff at shack. Like you to get it.

Darius Nomansson: Cold stuff?

Peran Hawkwing: Where is this shack?
Arinia : Where is this shack?

Colliver: Give you traps and healing stuff if you return with it. Yeah, cold stuff to make traps.

Peran Hawkwing: Cold stones.

Curunor Kaiat: -nods-

Brother Argus Ironspear: *Mutters* Egads, is that a half-orc?

Darius Nomansson: Cold coldstone?

Colliver: Shack to the north, entrace to cellar covered with sacks. Aye. Me half-orc. You Dwarf.

What problem?

Curunor Kaiat: Alley-punks used to steal it from alchemists all de time, I'd have to drag dere

hides back to the authorities for a bit a scratch.

Peran Hawkwing: ... I think we know where. We'll go get the stones and be back.

Darius Nomansson: Well, that's not too far then, surprised you didn't see it earlier, Curunor.

Arinia : *recalling* Ooh...

Brother Argus Ironspear: Ahem, No-Nothing, Good, er, sir. I just have not seen many in my


Peran Hawkwing: In his defense, it was a tiring day.

Curunor Kaiat: Probably wasn't there when we got there.

Colliver: See one now. Me see many Dwarves. Most drunk and silly.

Darius Nomansson: Just let it be, Argus. We need to get going.

Curunor Kaiat: -smirks-

Darius Nomansson: Everyone prepared?

Brother Argus Ironspear: Yes, yes, a good specimen you are. Uh, I need some healing supplies if

you could be so kind.

Curunor Kaiat: Had ta use my camping supplies...I should pick some more up.

Darius Nomansson: Try Neville too.

Colliver: *gestures at chest* Check stock. If not what you need, ask at temple.

Peran Hawkwing: *fills his waterskin at the fountain*

Arinia : *stays under the roof, looking up at the sky*

Colliver: Hope you smack some bugs for me. Nasty things, driving good people out.

Peran Hawkwing: A nice, heavy club. Should smash things well enough.

Curunor Kaiat: -grabs a large sack of camping gear and tosses it over his shoulder-

Brother Argus Ironspear: *mutters* Well, my gold won't go far hereabouts....

Peran Hawkwing: I realized something.

Curunor Kaiat: Half my gold, down the drain. 'uh?

Peran Hawkwing: Sorry.

Darius Nomansson: Only half?

Peran Hawkwing: But I can use those cheaper, leather bound kits than those big sacks.

Curunor Kaiat: As I said earlier...I dun like buyin' things. -chuckles- ....You can? -sighs-

Peran Hawkwing: Yes.

Brother Argus Ironspear: I will see you outside, me. Er, good day to you, sir...

Peran Hawkwing: It's not hard.

Curunor Kaiat: Coulda saved me...8 gold pieces.

Peran Hawkwing: Sorry

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs-

Mei : *waves* see ya

Curunor Kaiat: Too late now.

Darius Nomansson: *laughs* I don't either, but if it keeps my insides where they should be...*taps

his shield*

Peran Hawkwing: You just have to make due without some of the stuff in that sack, which isn't hard.

Curunor Kaiat: -fills his waterskin-

Darius Nomansson: Are we all ready then?

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs-

Mei : Well, I got the rope, if we need it.

Curunor Kaiat: Yeah. I got rope too.

Peran Hawkwing: I'm ready.

Mei : Ready, I suppose.

Brother Argus Ironspear: I could only buy *one* healing kits, my friends. We will be relying on

Dumathion's powers very much for healing.

Mei : *fills his canteen*

Peran Hawkwing: I can help some. So don't worry, dwarf.

Southwarden Guard: Going back out again?

Curunor Kaiat: -nods-

Peran Hawkwing: Yea, errands to run and all

Southwarden Guard: *shrugs* It's yoru funeral.

Darius Nomansson: *shakes his head* We'll get more when we can, Argus.

Arinia : We get a funeral?...

Southwarden Guard: Holler when you return.

Darius Nomansson: *nods to the gaurds* Thanks, I guess...

Curunor Kaiat: -grabs an orange-

Peran Hawkwing: bugs...

Mei : gather on me

Brother Argus Ironspear: WHERE?

Mei : on the ground

Peran Hawkwing: want me to gather the guts?

Mei : these ones dont fly, apparantly

Brother Argus Ironspear: Anyone hurt!?

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs-

Darius Nomansson: At least it's just the centipedes so far...

Curunor Kaiat: Just a scratch. -chuckles- It'll take more then a bug to put me in the ground.

Arinia : I hope not?

Brother Argus Ironspear: Don't tarry, miss.

Peran Hawkwing: It's right up here. more

Arinia : Oh!

Darius Nomansson: They're big suprise I guess.

Peran Hawkwing: *cuts off some spines for later examination*

Arinia : I got two. *smiles proudly*

Darius Nomansson: Let's get inside

Curunor Kaiat: -rummages through the bags-

Peran Hawkwing: *moves the bags*

Darius Nomansson: You guys first.

Curunor Kaiat: Whew...that's foul.

Peran Hawkwing: Aye, you think?

Arinia : Is this really it?

Darius Nomansson: *watches for any more bugs*

Mei : *keeps a look out*

Curunor Kaiat: -lifts one of the bags and tosses it to the other corner- -keeps moving them-

Peran Hawkwing: ...

Curunor Kaiat: -kneels down and looks for a lock-

Peran Hawkwing: Curunor, try your hand.

Brother Argus Ironspear: What in the depths is that?

Mei : *tries to look brave in front of Arinia*

Arinia : *looking inside now*

DM Wulf : *As Curunor moves the sacks, they explode open*

Darius Nomansson: Mei, get'll be easier to hold off an attack.

Curunor Kaiat: Dark as de abyss down here.

Mei : attack?

Peran Hawkwing: need some light

Darius Nomansson: Or at least head up the stairs, where you have the advantage.

Curunor Kaiat: Shh....

Darius Nomansson: You find something in there?

Peran Hawkwing: GET DOWN HERE!!!

Arinia : Oh! What song is that?

Curunor Kaiat: -coughs heavily- Blech...

Arinia : I think I heard it before...

Mei : Just a ditty,something to focus the thoughts.

Peran Hawkwing: Anything useful?

Brother Argus Ironspear: *mutters* I don't like forests, no I don't...

Darius Nomansson: What was it?

Mei : Did you like it?

Curunor Kaiat: -scoops up the stones-

Peran Hawkwing: Traps in here

Curunor Kaiat: There we are.

Peran Hawkwing: and a healing kit, other stuff

Arinia : Yeah, of course.

Peran Hawkwing: Think we should take it?

Brother Argus Ironspear: Now, THIS is more like it!

Curunor Kaiat: ...We'd better hurry.

Darius Nomansson: Here's that hide you needed for the sling.

Mei : nobody lives here now

Curunor Kaiat: There'll be more.

Arinia : *lights a torch*

Peran Hawkwing: Come here with that light

Mei : that chest looks evil

Arinia : Hm?

Peran Hawkwing: *looks into the hole*

Brother Argus Ironspear: Hmmm, anyone looked in here?

Darius Nomansson: These holes...bugs?

Curunor Kaiat: -slips the stones into a pouch-

Arinia : Maybe we should.. cover those holes or something...

Peran Hawkwing: Yea...

Mei : I dunno

Peran Hawkwing: Burrowing insects. Let's go, we got what we came for

Mei : Open it, Argus.

Peran Hawkwing: Curunor already dealt with the chest.

Mei : everythings already empty

Darius Nomansson: It's already been had the stones we needed.

Curunor Kaiat: I think they just like getting chewed on by insects. -spits a bit out of blood out

to his side- Anything we need to do out here?

Peran Hawkwing: Not that I know of

Curunor Kaiat: -nods-

Arinia : Um, well there are those herbs...

Curunor Kaiat: ...Oh.

Darius Nomansson: Plenty, find a plant and check out the canyons...

Curunor Kaiat: -nods-

Peran Hawkwing: Can it wait till morning and we are supplied?

Darius Nomansson: Do we want to look for the plants now?

Curunor Kaiat: We are supplied.

Mei : we're not supplied?

Peran Hawkwing: By the way, Curunor, can you use traps?

Curunor Kaiat: I have enough supplies for one night out here.

Darius Nomansson: I have enough for one more.

Curunor Kaiat: ...What do I look like, a hunter?

Brother Argus Ironspear: I have some limited ability with traps

Peran Hawkwing: I meant healling kits and what not.

Darius Nomansson: Anyway, Peran, what do you remember about the plant we're supposed to find for

the alchemist?

Mei : I'm still okay, maybe we can find the plant. Seems silly to return with just a bug or two.

Curunor Kaiat: -nods-

Peran Hawkwing: Let's see...

Arinia : It is a little spooky out here though... *looks out*

Mei : *chuckles*

Darius Nomansson: Don't worry, Arinia, stay close to the rest of us and you'll be fine.

Mei : we're in the woods, your an elf, and your spooked.

Peran Hawkwing: If you're hellbent on staying out here, we'll use Colliver's shack.

Curunor Kaiat: Let's figure it out now...I don't like being in the open.

Arinia : *grumbles* Well sorry...

Brother Argus Ironspear: Seems she's sensible for an efl, then. Woods are not...natural

Darius Nomansson: *laughs*

Peran Hawkwing: ...

Mei : *pats her on the back* We'll make an adventurer out of you yet, Arinia.

Darius Nomansson: Don't think I've heard anyone say that before...

Mei : *chuckles*

Peran Hawkwing: No, digging enough holes into a mountain to collapse it isn't natural.

Arinia : *doesn't look assured*

Peran Hawkwing: *glares towards the dwarf*

Brother Argus Ironspear: Okay, I agree we should not discuss this standing around. We should get

the plant or return.

Mei : An elf spooked in the woods, and a dwarf that can't drink much ale.

Darius Nomansson: Anyway, I guess the best way to find a plant is to start looking.

Mei : That will make a grand tale, some day.

Peran Hawkwing: Arinia

Brother Argus Ironspear: I can drink you under the table, my friend!

Arinia : Hm?

Peran Hawkwing: You say you're a mage right? Conjur up some light.

Arinia : *warrily looks around*

Curunor Kaiat: -shudders- I'd rather she doesn't conjure up anything.

Mei : Now, that is a true thing, friend Argus

Arinia : I.. *looks to the torch*

Brother Argus Ironspear: Look. Iam a mage! Ha-Ha!

Darius Nomansson: It's okay Arinia.

Mei : Lo and behold, our priest is also a magician. *smirks*

Arinia : *sighs* I specifically said I'm not a mage...

Brother Argus Ironspear: Sorry, miss, meant no offense.

Darius Nomansson: Light can be nice, but it also lets everyone, and everything, else know where we


Peran Hawkwing: Anything out at this time will be able to see us well enough without light anyways.

Curunor Kaiat: Last thing I want is to be killed by some magically induced idiocy.

Darius Nomansson: I doubt we'll find our plant sticking to the path.

Brother Argus Ironspear: So, where is this plant?

Mei : hopefully in the ground, growing still

Peran Hawkwing: plus...Might I say that we can't see ANYTHING really? which is bad.

Arinia : You can't?..

Curunor Kaiat: I can see just fine.

Darius Nomansson: Hold up everyone...Mei seems to be lost. *looks at the back trail to see if the

little man is coming*

Curunor Kaiat: Bards. Typical. -chuckles-

Darius Nomansson: Here he is. Keep up.

Brother Argus Ironspear: Hold on, lets not spread out. That boy is going to get himself killed....

Curunor Kaiat: The perimeter is clear from what I could see.

Darius Nomansson: Another bug...

Arinia : Ack! *jumps back*

Curunor Kaiat: Or.

Peran Hawkwing: See, this is why I want some light

Curunor Kaiat: Then carry a damned torch.

Arinia : It's okay.. I'll carry one..

Darius Nomansson: These things are really starting to get annoying...

Curunor Kaiat: -points down-

Peran Hawkwing: And I found a plant... not sure if it's the right one.

Curunor Kaiat: The 'ells is that?

Darius Nomansson: What's this?

Arinia : Sorry I didn't earlier.. I didn't know you really can't see...

Peran Hawkwing: Already took care of gathering bulbs from it

Arinia : Um.. that was fast.

Darius Nomansson: *looks at the plant, trying to remember the description*

Arinia : So you *can* see?

Darius Nomansson: I think this is it....

Peran Hawkwing: Either way, this plant is rare and is suppose to have healing properties.

Curunor Kaiat: -stays clear of the torch light-

Darius Nomansson: Should we look for more of them?

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs-

Peran Hawkwing: even if it's not the right plant, an alchemist would pay for it

Darius Nomansson: Should we head back then? Or do we keep going bit further and do some scouting?

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs- I'm just a swordarm. -smirks- I'll it leave to you all to make the


Brother Argus Ironspear: What are these plants for again?

Darius Nomansson: Sword arm or axe head? You're the one leading the way until there's trouble.

Peran Hawkwing: I say we head back

Curunor Kaiat: Drones. Over here. Tons...

Peran Hawkwing: what?

Darius Nomansson: Tons...? You focus on the spiny ones!

Curunor Kaiat: -nods-

Darius Nomansson: Arinia, Mei...

Mei : am I hitting anything, feel Like I'm shooting blind

Arinia : Y-yes?

Darius Nomansson: If you see spiny ones, take them out first.

Arinia : Okay.. sure...

Peran Hawkwing: Hmm?

Darius Nomansson: What is it, Peran?

Peran Hawkwing: An odd statue up there, too worn to tell what it was. Also

Darius Nomansson: We'll check it out in the morning.

Mei : I like statues, want me to take a look?

Darius Nomansson: Also...?

Mei : yeah, light would help

Darius Nomansson: Let's walk while we talk

Peran Hawkwing: I wonder if she will pay for a good, druid made salve.

Darius Nomansson: She?

Peran Hawkwing: Or he I forget who the alchemist was

Darius Nomansson: The alchemist?

Arinia : The gnome fellow?

Darius Nomansson: I think he prefers to make them himself...

Curunor Kaiat: Can't tell the gender on gnomes?

Darius Nomansson: Seems to enjoy his work.

Curunor Kaiat: 'uh. Sometimes I forget you people are so loud... Alertin' everything in the woods.

Mei : did I hit it?

Arinia : Looked like it. Yey?

Mei : Yay

Darius Nomansson: Yes Mei, everyone gets lucky...*smirks*

Mei : *looks around* I dont feel very lucky,at the moment

Curunor Kaiat: -peels the orange with his fingers-

Peran Hawkwing: HELLO!

Curunor Kaiat: -pops a slice into his mouth-

Southwarden Guard: You're back I see.

Peran Hawkwing: Yea

Brother Argus Ironspear: *Argus is forced to swat oranges from the tree with his mace'

Southwarden Guard: Good hunting?

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs-

Darius Nomansson: It's okay, Mei. With what we're doing, if you're still alive, you're lucky.

Peran Hawkwing: yea

Curunor Kaiat: -pulls out the bag of coldstones-

Peran Hawkwing: To the inn! they probably aren't open at this time

Darius Nomansson: Well, we got more bait for the fishermen, and some things for the merchants, not


Curunor Kaiat: -holds out the bag of stones- 'ere. Got bit up and breathed in some toxins. I hope

the reward's worth it.

Colliver: Good, good. Here some traps and healing kits.

Peran Hawkwing: Anyone here actually know how to use the traps?

Arinia : Um, well...

Colliver: And some gold for helping Colliver out.

Curunor Kaiat: -nods- Much obliged.

Arinia : I'm sure it's not hard to figure out?...

Curunor Kaiat: An 'ealers kit, three traps, and fifty gold.

Colliver: *puts the coldstones away*

Darius Nomansson: No, but it's probably worth learning, from a tactical standpoint. Maybe I'll

study it when I get the chance.

Peran Hawkwing: Yea, yea. Hey... you wanted these right?

Curunor Kaiat: Who wants what?

Peran Hawkwing: *holds up a bulb*

Darius Nomansson: Pleasure doin business with you, Colliver. If you need anything else, ask.

Mei : I could use some more bolts.

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs- 'kay. I don't have bolts.

Darius Nomansson: We can grab some in the morning on our way out.

Curunor Kaiat: I have an 'ealers kit, traps, and a bit a gold.

Neville: Any luck out there?

Mei : some gold then. *eyes alight*

Peran Hawkwing: Maybe.

Darius Nomansson: Think so...

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs- Guess I'll keep it all fer me then. -laughs-

Mei : thankee

Curunor Kaiat: -nods-

Neville: Good, good. Those bulbs are difficult fo find sometimes.

Peran Hawkwing: Yea...

Curunor Kaiat: I'll sell de traps...unless anyone can use them fer sure.

Darius Nomansson: Too bad the bugs aren't...

Brother Argus Ironspear: Thanks! I'll use them in good health. Ha-HA!

Neville: *chuckles* Aye.

Peran Hawkwing: Sorta got hit with some inspiration and meddled with it a little... but I think the

end result is good. *holds over a thing of salve*

Neville: But with stalwarth adventures like yourselves, I"m sure they'll be run off in no time.

Brother Argus Ironspear: *Notices the female elf staring at him* Uhmm, hi, Miss...

Curunor Kaiat: -slips a bit of to gold into Darius' hand-

Peran Hawkwing: What do you think?

Neville: *takes it and examines it* Oh, very nice. You have a nack for this. *hands it back* Have

you done this before?

Darius Nomansson: Thanks.

Mei : she does that to everyone, pay her no mind.

Peran Hawkwing: A bit. Awhile back at least

Arinia : *looking off to the wall, actually*

Peran Hawkwing: Not like we have many alchemists out in the woods and all.

Brother Argus Ironspear: *hrumph*

Neville: Ah. Be careful with that. The bulbs regenerate your health, but at a small price of

weakness. The weakness will pass soon enough, though.

Arinia : Ooh. Thanks.

Curunor Kaiat: 'uh?

Peran Hawkwing: Hmm, thanks for the tip. I'll look into anything that might help counteract that.

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs-

Darius Nomansson: Well, healing can be worth it.

Neville: If you find anything, please let me know. The guards would certainly appreciate it.

Curunor Kaiat: I'm goin' to de inn.

Arinia : Hi?

Peran Hawkwing: Will do.

Darius Nomansson: How are you holding up, Arinia? *trying to sound unconcerned, but failing*

Arinia : Um.. I feel a bit dirty?

Curunor Kaiat: -scoops up some darts off the table-

Peran Hawkwing: Sit

Arinia : *looks down at the dirt on the bottom of her skirt*

Darius Nomansson: *laughs* If that's all, it's a good thing, I'll see if they can draw you a bath

at the Inn.

Curunor Kaiat: 'uh? -tosses a couple darts at once-

Peran Hawkwing: Ah, nevermind then

Arinia : *mumbles something*

Peran Hawkwing: Well... is all you have Fish Head ale still?

Curunor Kaiat: Hm...what do you have to eat?

Darius Nomansson: Let's head back, hopefully they'll have dinner ready...*eyes light up at the idea

of food*

Brother Argus Ironspear: I'll be at the....(realizes neither one is paying attentio to him)

Curunor Kaiat: Hm. I could do with some cheese...have any bread?

Arinia : Okay..

Mei : *kicks back in his chair*

Curunor Kaiat: -nods-

Peran Hawkwing: That's great. Also, cheese and bread here too

Mei : I'll take some fruit and cheese, no fish.

Curunor Kaiat: Got orange trees right outside the walls...I don't need much in the way of fruit.

-chuckles- -tosses a couple more darts-

Brother Argus Ironspear: Well, that was an entertaining stroll, but when are we going to go clear

those mines of infestation?

Onda Kroeger: *sets down a large tray of fruit, bread and cheese as well as mugs of water* This is

included in the price of the room. Ale costs extra. Enjoy, sirs and madam.

Mei : *takes his boot off and looks at his minor bug bite*

Curunor Kaiat: -nods- Much obliged.

Darius Nomansson: *rubs his hands together and then digs in*

Curunor Kaiat: -pulls the darts out of the board-

Mei : *puts his boot back on*

Onda Kroeger: *hums as she puts away bottles*

Mei : *wipes his hands on his pants, then digs in*

Peran Hawkwing: I don't know, is anyone going to listen when I say 'hey, it's dark here, I can't

see?' or will I be ignored again?

Mei : It was dark.

Curunor Kaiat: Keep it dark near me. I hate bright lights when I'm doin' my job.

Brother Argus Ironspear: Maybe we should not go out at night, no?

Curunor Kaiat: Distracting and lights me up like a damned festival.

Darius Nomansson: Darkness isn't always a bad thing, Peran, but I'll try to pay more attention next


Mei : I just hope I helped. I felt like every shot should be sent with a prayer. *glances at Argus*

Brother Argus Ironspear: Underground, there is not night or day, anyway..

Arinia : Um.. miss? Did my room expire?

Curunor Kaiat: -gets a couple slices of bread and makes a sandwich with the cheese-

Darius Nomansson: *walks to the bar, finishing a mouthful of bread and cheese*

Onda Kroeger: How many nights did you buy, dearie?

Mei : *eats some fruit*

Darius Nomansson: We'll buy more...

Arinia : Umm, um.. *looks to Darius*

Brother Argus Ironspear: Hey, brother Curunor, pass some of that over before its gone...

Curunor Kaiat: -slides the tray over to the other end of the table-

Peran Hawkwing: *picks some cheese and bread out, eatting quietly*

Darius Nomansson: And can we get a bath? Some of us are feeling a mite dirty. *glances at Arinia*

Onda Kroeger: Of course, sir. Baths are included with the rooms.

Mei : *looks over his shoulder to see who Darius is looking at when he said that*

Arinia : How much for a room?

Darius Nomansson: *counts out a handful of gold* Hopefully this will keep as long as we're here.

Arinia : Oh...

Brother Argus Ironspear: Zounds! I forgot to get a room!

Onda Kroeger: Rooms are 2 gold a night, dearie.

Mei : *having eaten, Mei looks around at the customers*

Darius Nomansson: Here's 10...hope we're done by then.

Brother Argus Ironspear: 2 a night? Someone lend me agold?

Onda Kroeger: *takes the gold and hands over a key*

Mei : *walks over to the miners*

Darius Nomansson: I've got it, Argus.

Curunor Kaiat: -takes another bite of his sandwich-

Mei : You guys look to be in need of some cheer.

Brother Argus Ironspear: Ahh, thank you, friend!

Curunor Kaiat: Haven't made much on this damn island. -frowns-

Mei : *starts to sing a rousing ballad of the dwarf who knew too much*

Darius Nomansson: *bows to Onda* Thank you, my noble lady. *grins mischeviously*

Curunor Kaiat: Shoulda stayed in Athkatla at this rate...

Jessup: Don't bother the miners.

Mei : *continues the ribald tale, up until the dwarf finds out he really didn't know that much

about anything, except rock and ale*

Darius Nomansson: *hands Arinia the key* You can go clean up now.

Brother Argus Ironspear: (to Dwarf Miners) you mind if I sit with you?

Arinia : I'll be back in just a minute.. thanks...

Mei : *claps his hands as the dwarf in the tale gets drunk, the end*

Jessup: Don't bother the miners.

Mei : fine *winks at Onda* *smiles at the fishermen*

Darius Nomansson: *returns to the table to finish any remaining food*

Arinia : *quickly gets changed*

Peran Hawkwing: So... who needed fish guts?

Mei : Hey, have you heard the one about the sailor that set to see with no sail?

Darius Nomansson: The fishermen...we can take it to them in the morning, they're probably not out

now anyway.

Curunor Kaiat: ...Anyone else getting the idea they shoulda stayed home? -laughs-

Peran Hawkwing: Alright

Brother Argus Ironspear: Who called me 'shorty" and why do you speak for dwarves?

Curunor Kaiat: -pulls a couple spines out of his shoulder-

Mei : *looks around at the woman* Hey, who was that?

Peran Hawkwing: *takes out his dagger and starts examining the spines*

Jessup: I called your shorty and I speak for their boss. Go sit down.

Mei : Arinia? is that you?

Arinia : *holds hand out pointing at the play darts* Can I.. huh?

Darius Nomansson: *laughs* Home...I wished that when I was at the academy, but now...home's not

really an option I guess...*shrugs*

Brother Argus Ironspear: And who might you be, my rude friend?

Curunor Kaiat: -sets the spines down on the table- Ow.

Arinia : *looks over* Yes.. ?

Curunor Kaiat: Um...sure.

Jessup: None of your business, shorty. Go sit down.

Peran Hawkwing: Oh, Curunor Here.

Mei : didn't recognize you, hello.

Peran Hawkwing: *hands over a small vial*

Curunor Kaiat: That could be very...very useful. -nods- Thanks.

Arinia : *excitedly grabs two of the darts*

Brother Argus Ironspear: If we are minding our own business, then why are you poking in mine?

Curunor Kaiat: -turns his chair to watch-

Arinia : *closes an eye and aims*

Peran Hawkwing: *shakes his head*

Jessup: Because you're bothering the boss's workers and that bothers the boss. The boss don't like

being bothered.

Darius Nomansson: *keeps an eye on Argus while listening halfheartedy to the rest of the


Oron Earthcutter: Easy, Jessup. Don't you reconize the esteemed Brother Ironspear?

Mei : *clasps his hands together, bored*

Jessup: *shrugs*

Curunor Kaiat: Huh.

Brother Argus Ironspear: You have me at a loss, friend. You know me, but do I know you?

Oron Earthcutter: Brother! I thought we already discussed this. While I appreciate your offer to

help with me mine, we have it under control.

Arinia : *hits the wall*

Curunor Kaiat: Yer form is all off, kid.

Arinia : Kid?...

Curunor Kaiat: -scoops up a dart from the table- You act like a kid. -chuckles-

Arinia : *sounds a bit depressed now* Oh...

Curunor Kaiat: I'm just kiddin' ya.

Oron Earthcutter: Please, have an ale on me. But don't bother my miners.

Curunor Kaiat: -throws a dart at the board-

Brother Argus Ironspear: oh, NOW, I recognize you. You nearly left me to perish when I was trying

to help clear your mine.

SERVER : [Shout] Bullseye, score 4!

Arinia : Ooh.

Oron Earthcutter: *shrugs* I told you I didn't need your help. You went on your own accord.

Curunor Kaiat: -nods- Keep yer eyes open, and watch the bullseye. And its all in the wrist. -


Arinia : Like this? *mimics his movement awkwardly and keeps both eyes open*

Curunor Kaiat: Much better.

Brother Argus Ironspear: Brother dwarf! i do not understand why you will not accept help with

this. Fellow dwarves have no work!! Your town is threatened!

Oron Earthcutter: *shrugs* It's hard times, lad. I have to watch out for mine.

Mei : *tenses up*

Curunor Kaiat: -sits back down in the chair-

Oron Earthcutter: *slaps Argus on the shoulder* Nonsense! Now, go have an ale on me.

Arinia : *recovers the darts*

Brother Argus Ironspear: But-but!

Oron Earthcutter: Ah, but no buts, Argus. Now go have that ale.

Arinia : *sets them down in front of Curunor* Um.. thanks...

Curunor Kaiat: -nods-

Mei : *relaxes*

Brother Argus Ironspear: Now, THAT has got to be the oddest dwarf I have ever met. *Grabs tankard

and drinks*

Mei : *chuckles*

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs- Just watchin' out fer his own.

Darius Nomansson: He told us pretty much the same thing.

Brother Argus Ironspear: Why will he NOT accept help when it is HIS mine being overrun?

Curunor Kaiat: Adventurers like to take things. Sticky fingers.

Darius Nomansson: You think he'd welcome help getting his mine back fully operational, it just

doesn't make sense.

Mei : Hiya, ma'am. Nice place you got here.

Onda Kroeger: Hmm? Oh, sorry sir. Did you need something?

Mei : I think I'll go take advantage of that bed now.

Onda Kroeger: Enjoy your rest.

Darius Nomansson: Well, I'm turning in, hopefully we can get an early start. Don't cause any

trouble without me. *grins*

Mei : Nah, just thinking aloud is all.

Arinia : *quietly picks up a fruit off the table*

Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs-

Brother Argus Ironspear: Miss, you mind if I ask a couple of questions of you?

Darius Nomansson: Mei...

Mei : one room for all of us? huh?

Darius Nomansson: What do you make of our chances here?

Mei : Yep

Darius Nomansson: No, I got three.

Mei : You mean clearing out the bugs?

Darius Nomansson: That, and keeping everyone alive while we do it.

Curunor Kaiat: I gotta bind my shoulder. I'm headin' up.

Mei : I dunno, if we pace ourselves, we can be the heroes of this town.

Brother Argus Ironspear: *leaning in and not too loud* What can you tell me of the mine owner,


Arinia : *nibbles on a grape*

Darius Nomansson: I don't know if I want to be a hero anymore...too much work.

Mei : Now that Argus has joined us, much better.

Curunor Kaiat: -rubs his shoulder- -quietly locks the door-

Mei : If we can keep curunor alive, we will all be successful.

Darius Nomansson: True...but it's stilll....well...I guess just different. It's certainly not like

your stories.

Peran Hawkwing: I don't want to be a hero anyways. Too many rules... gotta be 'valient' and let he

villain have their monologues and all that

Peran Hawkwing: And heroes seem to be inherently stupid.

Brother Argus Ironspear: What does he mostly get out of it? Gold? Iron?

Mei : Not to worry, the stories are usually exaggerated. If we stay the course, and not over do

ourselves, all should turn out well.

Darius Nomansson: The middle room is Arinia's, she's the only one with her own now, I guess. You

may want to pound on Cuurunor's door till he lets you in. Tell him I paid this time, so it's not

his choice.

Darius Nomansson: Thanks for that, Mei.

Curunor Kaiat: -pulls his armor and tunic off and begins digging the spines out of his shoulder

with his dagger, biting down a strip of leather-

Mei : *nods* no worries.

Brother Argus Ironspear: Hmmm. It the island very reliant on that iron? Is it the only source?

Peran Hawkwing: *knocks on Curunor's door*

Curunor Kaiat: -muffled grumbles-

Mei : maybe I'll just rest here tonight

Arinia : *takes some more fruit off the table and takes it to her room*

Darius Nomansson: Feel free.

Curunor Kaiat: -pulls the door open, leather still in his mouth-

Peran Hawkwing: Err.

Brother Argus Ironspear: I see. Well, thank you, miss. Nice place you have here.

Darius Nomansson: Not much room though. *begins oiling his sword and checking his shield for


Peran Hawkwing: Hmm...

Curunor Kaiat: -spits it into his hand- Didn't wanna bug anyone with this. Figured I'd work on

this wound in private.

Peran Hawkwing: *looks over Curunor's shoulder before geting out some first aid supplies to work on

it* Let me.

Mei : plenty of room. I better check my 'bow (cleans some blood off his crossbow)

Arinia : *sets down a book*

Brother Argus Ironspear: Woops, wrong room

Peran Hawkwing: *binds the wound after cleaning it up nice enough*

Curunor Kaiat: 'uh.

Peran Hawkwing: There.

Curunor Kaiat: Not bad work.

Brother Argus Ironspear: Am I bunking with you two?

Peran Hawkwing: Er... it's his room

Mei : *heads downstairs*

Brother Argus Ironspear: I don't take up much room. Ha-ha!

Curunor Kaiat: -slips the dirtied bandages and leather bit into his "healing pouch"- I guess so.

Peran Hawkwing: I was just taking care of his wound. Also

Curunor Kaiat: -slips his somewhat bloody tunic back on-

Darius Nomansson: *looks through the bookshelf* Maybe....well, it should keep my mind busy at


Curunor Kaiat: Thanks.

Peran Hawkwing: *hands over some darts, made from bug spikes*

Darius Nomansson: *selects a book and begins to read*

DM Wulf : *the night passes without incident and soon the morning rays of the sun peak through the


Mei : *throws a dart*

Darius Nomansson: *stretches*

Mei : bah

Darius Nomansson: Breakfast...

Darius Nomansson: Good morning, my lovely matron.

Brother Argus Ironspear: I hope they have ham. I love fried ham...

Darius Nomansson: What are the chances of some breakfast for us poor, starving adventurers?

SERVER : [Shout] A solid hit, score 3!

Onda Kroeger: *nods curtly* Good morning, sir.

SERVER : [Shout] Bullseye, score 4!

Curunor Kaiat: -smirks-

Onda Kroeger: Very good, sir, but I ask that you watch the flattery. My husband would not

appreciate it.

Arinia : Um, what are we doing today again?

SERVER : [Shout] Bullseye, score 4!
SERVER : [Shout] A solid hit, score 3!
SERVER : [Shout] A solid hit, score 3!
SERVER : [Shout] Bullseye, score 4!

Curunor Kaiat: Three in a row. -shrugs- -pulls the three darts out-

Darius Nomansson: *grins* Sorry, it used to drive the head of the kitches crazy back at the...well,

never mind. It was worth the extra helping, though.

Mei : *does a double take at Arinia* Woah.

Onda Kroeger: *smiles* Have a seat, sir, and I'll bring it right out.

Brother Argus Ironspear: *Argus glances over at Oron, turns back frowning* Very odd...

Mei : Did you forget to change out of your night clothes?

Arinia : *steps back* Um...?

Darius Nomansson: I don't think she wears a rapier to bed, Mei.

Peran Hawkwing: *whistles*

Curunor Kaiat: She should if she dresses like that.

Mei : *looks her up and down* Wow

Darius Nomansson: Just ignore them, Arinia, breakfast's coming.

Onda Kroeger: *sets a large tray of food on the table* Let me know if you require anything else.

Curunor Kaiat: -laughs-

Darius Nomansson: Thank you!

Brother Argus Ironspear: Miss, I'd love some scrambled eggs and ham if you have it!

Peran Hawkwing: *leaves the meat, heading for bread and cheese and fruits*

Darius Nomansson: *heaps a plate with food, as is his custom, and digs right in*

Mei : You know, I'm starting to feel a little more lucky. *grins at Arinia*

Curunor Kaiat: I ain't eatin' till we get back. -nods-

Brother Argus Ironspear: Oh, here it is, right here!

Curunor Kaiat: Especially if them bugs spew out those fumes. -shudders-

Darius Nomansson: *mutters* Better not try and feel too lucky...

Shari Habzen: Good, you're here.

Arinia : Yeah, I'm not hungry too... but we are going back in the forest?

Peran Hawkwing: Anyways, going to turn in those guts then... *looks at the woman*

Arinia : *looks over warrily*

Mei : Nah, I'm happy right where I'm at.

Darius Nomansson: That's the plan, as far as I know.

Curunor Kaiat: -looks over-

Brother Argus Ironspear: Say, comrades. When we have a chance, we need to....*notices guard*

Mei : *glances up*

Shari Habzen: I hear you have been exploring the Forest of Worms.

Peran Hawkwing: Yea

Darius Nomansson: A bit....why?

Mei : *nods*

Brother Argus Ironspear: Yes, mam, that is correct

Shari Habzen: *nods* Good. I ask because I have a favor to ask of you.

Curunor Kaiat: You and everyone else. -smirks-

Mei : *nods appreciatively*

Brother Argus Ironspear: Yes. *frowning at Curunor

Darius Nomansson: *grins before asking* And what is it we can help you with?

Shari Habzen: When the insectoids started to attack, we requested that the farmers come to city.

All but Denburr did and I want to know what happened to him.

Peran Hawkwing: Denburr?

Darius Nomansson: Oh....*sighs* I think we already know, unfortunately...

Curunor Kaiat: You mean the fella whose journal I found?

Mei : I think we found his journal, at a farm with a cellar, by the canyons.

Shari Habzen: His farm is nort of the crossroads. If you can find him or bring back word, I'll give

you 200 gold for your trouble.

Darius Nomansson: Mei, do you have that journal still?

Shari Habzen: Oh? Do you have news of him then?

Brother Argus Ironspear: Hmm

Mei : Arinia had it last.

Arinia : 200? *gaping mouth as she looks to the others*

Curunor Kaiat: Fool went into canyon.

Darius Nomansson: *stands up*

Arinia : Had what last? *blinks*

Mei : No, I think they came for him in his cellar.

Curunor Kaiat: His livestock got butchered by those bugs.

Shari Habzen: *frowns* That sounds like him. Still, if you can find him or recover his remains, I

would appreciate it.

Mei : That journal from the farm.

Curunor Kaiat: I thought that he gave chase er somethin'.

Brother Argus Ironspear: We will have to talk it over, Miss, but I think we might be able to


Darius Nomansson: Well...something was killed in the cellar, although it didn't really look like

human remains to me.

Curunor Kaiat: -nods- Dead cow or horse.

Peran Hawkwing: Show me to the farm

Shari Habzen: *nods* I'll let you get back to your meal. I'll be about the city should you discover

anything else. Until then.

Darius Nomansson: I think we should check the canyons, just in case. Farmers tend to know the land,

and they can live through almost anything.

Mei : Well said, Darius.

Curunor Kaiat: As fun as it sounds to hunt a corpse....200 gold is a good amount.

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Post by Ayrik » Fri Oct 23, 2009 5:26 pm

Here's the chat log from 10/20. I didn't have time to finish cleaning it, and I don't know if I will get time, so I'm posting it as it is right now. I will update if I end up being able to finish the cleaning.

SERVER : [Shout] Bullseye, score 4!
Peran Hawkwing: Bah, who took the rest of the cheese?
Curunor Kaiat: Oh. That would've been Darius.
Curunor Kaiat: -chuckles-
Peran Hawkwing: *grumbles*
Curunor Kaiat: Man's got a serious appetite.
SERVER : [Shout] Bullseye, score 4!
SERVER : [Shout] Bullseye, score 4!
Peran Hawkwing: Anyways, we find any more of those spiked bugs and I can work you out more darts.
Curunor Kaiat: -pulls the darts out-
Curunor Kaiat: Works fer me.
Peran Hawkwing: Did we get any coin?
Curunor Kaiat: Hm...
Brother Argus Ironspear: Yes, miss, some friend eggs and ham!
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: Supplies. *Looks up* Bread and cheese.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: Could use a bit of bread n' cheese.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: And fruit if you have any
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: Don't have the gold fer ham n' eggs. -laughs-
Onda Kroeger: Fruit, bread and cheese. Is water fine to drink?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: *nods*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: That's perfect.
Onda Kroeger: Coming right up.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: How much are the ham and eggs?
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: I dunno.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: Just pinchin' coppers.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: They may be out, had all the farmers come to town, remember?
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: Well, my friends, what is our plan for this day?
Onda Kroeger: *sets a large tray of food down on the table* All of your food is included in the

price of the room unless you want something special.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: *looks over to Angus* Pardon me, but perhaps you could humor me and allow

me to trade you shields for a day? You seem to stay back most of the time.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: I think we should check the canyon for signs of that farmer.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: It's next on my list.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: Agreed. How much gold were we ta git? Two hundred?
Onda Kroeger: *sings softly as she works*
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: I stay back lad so that if you drop with a spike in your heart,

I can pull it out but keep yer blood in. Ha-HA!
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: Ah, but a bigger shield would keep the spike from my heart better, would

it not?
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: We'll get you one as soon as we get the funds, Peran.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs- Shield came from his own gold.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: *shrugs* It's worth a try.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: True, but if I go down, what will you do then?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: Well, then I will make sure that you get back to standing.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: Morning, mei.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: Hey, nice of you to join the rest of us? Up late last night?
[tampamac2002] Mei: Morning.
[tampamac2002] Mei: Well, the company I could find was sparse, yet adequate.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: Arinia still hasn't gotten up yet?
[tampamac2002] Mei : *sighs*
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: *shrugs*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: -snickers-
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: Maybe it's better if we go on without her...
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: If you don't mind me saying, that girl does not seem suited to

the adventuring life...
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: *takes a bite of bread, muttering to himself*
[tampamac2002] Mei : You speak the words I think we all were bound to speak, eventually.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: Tell me about it. I ain't suited to the adventurin' life...what does that

make 'er?
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: Something bothering you, Peran?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: Just thinking.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: Can't even cut up an orange.
[tampamac2002] Mei : While she appears adult to us, elves age differently.......
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: Share with us, maybe it can help.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: Did you happen to go to the man's farm at all, while I was away?
[tampamac2002] Mei : *eats some food*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: Yes, we did. It was empty, except bones in the cellar.
[tampamac2002] Mei : Been there once, Peran, I think we are due another visit there though.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: Didn't want to go adventurin' with some weird elf woman anyhow.
[tampamac2002] Mei : Hey, Curunor, she's with us, if we sneak out early, so be it, tho she'll be

joining us again, I know it.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: I hope she's okay, but just the same, let's go before she wakes

[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: *nods to himself* I'll be outside then. See what Alina can find out

while we head there.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: Shall we go?
[tampamac2002] Mei : *grabs one last bit to eat*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: -shrugs-
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: -pockets a couple pieces of bread and cheese-
Peran Hawkwing: *whistles*
[tampamac2002] Mei : *stuffs it into his mouth then heads out*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: Mistress Onda, if our companion doesn't make it down soon, will

you check on her?
Darius Nomansson: Thank you.
[tampamac2002] Mei : *winks at Onda*
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: What's this, then?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: (Speaking to the Falcon)''''', '''''' '''. '''' '' ''' ''' '''''.
[tampamac2002] Mei : *grins*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: -whispers- Aaaand the druid is gibbering like a lunatic.
[tampamac2002] Mei : All bug guts are traded, right, Darius?
[tampamac2002] Mei : *sighs*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: Peran had them.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: This a pet of yours, Peran?
[tampamac2002] Mei : I hope he knows to sell it to our buyers.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: Figured ya gotta be a bit mad ta go haltin' progress of society.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *walks off after the druid*
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] ' '''' ''' '' '''' ''''' ''' '''', ''''' '''''' '' ' ''''''.

'''''' '' '''' '' '''' ''' '''''' '''' ''''' '''' ''' ''' ''', '''''''''' ''' ''''''' '' ''' ''

[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -leans against the corner-
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] I hope he's not as bad as that Curunor...I'm pretty sure

he wants to get through this alive too.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Hey, Peran
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] That man is talking to a BIRD!
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Hmm? Yes?
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Tell] For the chat log, that's you talking to your hawk, right?
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] As I said. Gibberin' mad, them druids.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Tell] yes
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Thinkin' they kin talk ta animals and plants.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] The guts, we made a deal with some buyers on the docks. We need to

sell them the guts each time.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] *shakes head*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Peran, did you take those centipeds to the fishermen

[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -fills his canteen-
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] They're giving 6 gold per set.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] *Argus take a look at the construction of the town

walls to see if they anywhere near dwarf standards*
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] I have not. I'll get to it in a moment
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Alright. You want company?
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *crosses his arms*
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *looks around*
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *nods to his hawk as it lets out a shriek and takes to the air,

heading north*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] You can really talk to him, huh?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Her.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Let's see... where are the fishermen?
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Oh, sorry...hard to tell sometimes...
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] This way
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] It's really not that unusual, Darius. *fancy tone in his voice*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Of course not, I'm sure you talk to pompus donkeys all

the time.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Oh dear gods no... they're asses.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *waves*
Kole Dannen: [Talk] *waves* Back again? I hope you've brought more guts.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Yes, I have some here.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] 5 bundles.
Kole Dannen: [Talk] Good, good. Let's see what you have there.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Best bug guts around, biggest too.
Kole Dannen: [Talk] Ah, so they are. So, six gold a piece. 5 pieces. So that's 30 gold...
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Might I add, the only bug guts around.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *nods*
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] My that's a big drop...
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Wow, what a deal.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] *nudges Mei* Didn't you do that last time? We already

set the price didn't we?
Kole Dannen: [Talk] Here you are. *hands over a small pouch*
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Thank you. *takes it*
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *grins at Darius*
Kole Dannen: [Talk] *laughs* Don't spend it in one place!
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *chuckles*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] So, how much more did you need for that shield?
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] doesnt hurt to reinforce the value.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] They're the only business that may be still going well around

here, perhaps better than normal
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] I'm sure you know more about that than me, Mei.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Not sure.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] the city has to eat, so, we're really helping out the city
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Alright, that's done. Should we go now
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Tell] surprised no one's made a comment on the fact he's wearing wooden

[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] something about a shield
Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Works fer me.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Tell] I forgot we hadn't talked about it IC yet! :P
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] I can use some more bolts
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *nods* Good day. Looking over your wares today
Ferron Kroeger: [Talk] Please, pursue at your leisure.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Twenty and 1 gold pieces.
Smith's Apprentice: [Talk] *sits*
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] That's the remaining amount.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] You need another 21? I can help with that, if you'll

return the favour when I need some armor...
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Of course
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Speaking of armor, where did you get that wooden shell

you're wearing?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Ah, anyone require the wooden shield I have? Hmm? *looks down*

I made it.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] I just can't bring myself to put on one of them old miner aprons.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -looks around at the buildings, scoping the area out a bit

[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] I don't.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *shivers, though it's warm by the forge*
Southwarden Guard: [Talk] *glances at Curunor* Heading out again?
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] I think so.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] let me see
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] They're makin' some purchases first.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] May as well...
Southwarden Guard: [Talk] *shrugs* It's your funeral.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] I used a studded leather as the base, a cloak for material, some

ironwood bought from the smith and various things I had to scavenge from the land. Add in a bit of

prayer and luck and then it's done.
Southwarden Guard: [Talk] Let me know when you're ready and I'll open the gates.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Not yet, Ihope.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] *Argus does some praying*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Course it is. -smirks-
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] the shield, may I see it?
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Huh...I was hoping I could get one, but that sounds like

a bit too much work.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Ah, you speak late...
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] I'm sorry
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *shrugs* I have one, no problem
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Alright
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Hey, are we ready to go!
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Um, where is the priest
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Right here, friends!
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Tell] and no one else seems to care.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] ARgus, *waves*
Southwarden Guard: [Talk] Be careful out there.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] of course
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Thank you, sir!
Southwarden Guard: [Talk] Come on.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Er, mam....
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Darius
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *grabs an orange*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Yes?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Lead on to the farm.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Didn't you want to look at that statue on the way?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] It's not far in
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] //Sorry about this, getting hit with the lag monster.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] //No problem.
DM Wulf : [Shout] //It's probably the haks that are doing it.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] More bugs
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] //I'm gonna relog, I'm having an inventory bug now
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Darius, you ok?
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Oof...
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Yeah...a bit dizzy bit me good.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Darius, you don't look well, my fiend
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Let me see
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Thanks...
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] I got three of the blasted guts.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Here's two more.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Mei, here you go
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] This place is less eerie in the day, but no less

[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Talk] -stays quiet and hidden on the hill-
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Well, did you want to stop by the statue? If so, lead

the way.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] It's not far from Colliver's shack
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Drones....
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Talk] As you attack, you are stabbed by the creature's spines!
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Talk] As you attack, you are stabbed by the creature's spines!
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Curunor, the spiny ones are yours
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Talk] As you attack, you are stabbed by the creature's spines!
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Talk] As you attack, you are stabbed by the creature's spines!
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Talk] As you attack, you are stabbed by the creature's spines!
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Talk] As you attack, you are stabbed by the creature's spines!
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Talk] As you attack, you are stabbed by the creature's spines!
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] well swung
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Gads, that stings!
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Agreed
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Talk] //I couldn't even throw a dart :-(
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] //relog then
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Let's keep moving....
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] //Just rubberbanding everywhere.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] allow me
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Over here
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Peculiar, no?
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *examines the surroundings*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] It certainly looks interesting...
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -shrugs-
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Doubt it has anything to do with the bugs.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] *Argus examines the statue closely*
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *shrugs*
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *looks closely at the statue*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Is that an offering bowl next to it?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Perhaps
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] *looks into the bowl*
DM Wulf : [Shout] *it's impossible to determine who worshiped at this statue; time and the

elements have worn away any signs*
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Not much left of it. I ... i cant tell anything about it.
DM Wulf : [Tell] No.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] I was hoping that in the light, we'd be able to see it better,

but it's too featureless.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] It could be a statue of some dark god. -shrugs-
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] I apologize for the delay
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] *Argus looks for any crevices or other unusual things*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] I ain't offerin' to it anyway. Waukeen's the only goddess fer

[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] It's not a problem...actually this is intriguing.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] So, which way?
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *jumps across*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Through the woods...
DM Wulf : [Tell] to grandma's house we go.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Argus?
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] *tries to jump and lands both feet in*
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Arggggg!
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *poker face* you okay?
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] *grumble*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Talk] As you attack, you are stabbed by the creature's spines!
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Talk] As you attack, you are stabbed by the creature's spines!
Mei : [Party] *smiles behind hid hand*
Mei : [Party] / his hand
Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Now where have the other two gon to?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] ARGUS!!!
Mei : [Party] you hear that
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] They're getting bigger...
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Ow. Damned spiny bastards.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] ///brb, one of the kids just got hurt
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *runs up*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] I tried keepin' em at a range, but dey charged me.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Hey guys
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Hmm
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *looks at the bodies*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -pulls a couple spines out of his shoulder and shield arm-
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] You guys cut through the woods, eh?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Your timing is horrible.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] We were on the road.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] I was.... watching Argus cross the river.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] You all might want to remember shorter legs means

shorter strides...and leaps! Harrupmh!
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *grins* I second that thought>
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -shrugs- Not too many dwarves in Athkatla. And
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] And I'm not used to bein' in a group. Still.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -chuckles-
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] //back.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Let us continue
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] yep, on to the farm.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Well, that was pretty close to a disaster...let's try

and make the farmhouse and rest there.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Gah...
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] a good bite.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Anyone have a healer's kit?
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] I do not
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Unfortunately, no...
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Right here, lad
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -shakes his head- Just a strip of my bandages.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] More
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *hums his song*
[tampamac2002] Mei: [Talk] As you attack, you are stabbed by the creature's spines!
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Tell] what's yoru dex at?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *laughs*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Tell] only 12 with the penalty...
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Like throwin' darts in the tavern.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Tell] AC?
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Tell] 16 right now.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Annoying creatures....
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Tell] normally?
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] I did not know you could heal, Mei!
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Darius.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Let's hurry and get to the house...
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Yeah, multitalented, thats me
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Thanks.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] May help you come over the effects of poison
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] An apple farmer?
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] There were lots of bugs here before...
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Tell] 17 normally
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Tell] Normally 14 dex
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *taps on the tree, looking it over for anything wrong*
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Seems fine.
Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] What happend to the owner of thisplace
Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Wouldn't suggest goin' into de basement.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Why?
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] That's who we're lookin' for.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Oh. Basement smells like the nine hells.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] *shuts the door*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Dead cattle down there. Rotten.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Got chewed up by bugs. Doesn't take a druid to know that.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] *sits down*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] I think we should rest a bit before going on, those bugs

are getting bigger and meaner.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] There are beds upstairs.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] What are we looking for here?
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] eleven guts, profitable journey so far.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Doubt the farmer'll mind.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *looks at the candle*
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Do we know this farmer?
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Nah, he died before we even got off the boat.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] No, but he's the one we're looking for.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] It's where I found my axe.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -chuckles-
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] The missing one.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -points to the desk-
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] *looks at Mei* Maybe dead.
Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Ah
Curunor Kaiat: [Party] It was my first sign that the farmer is probably not alive now.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Well, if this be the house of a passed man, let's treat

it with respect.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Let's head up.
Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Only an idjit would head out inta bug country unarmed.
Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Why I'm concerned he might not have.
DM Wulf : [Shout] //The upstairs bed can be used for resting.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] I'll keep watch downstairs.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] I'll join you.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Who needs healing?
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -pulls out a piece of the now stale bread and starts chewing on

[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *straitens out his hair, dusts off his armor*
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Oh, here you go
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] I'm going in...
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -shrugs-
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Why bother?
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Just make the stink stick to yer clothes.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] so, I think we head east of here.
Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *searches*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Sounds right.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Well, maybe the stench has died off a bit...
DM Wulf : [Shout] *the house still smells of dried blood, but it's not as noticable as it was

[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Let's hope so. As much as I love druids, I dunno if I could deal

with 'im he's smellin' like carrion.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] We should go now.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] *calls down the stairs* You just about done?
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Agreed.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Ready?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Too many tracks
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Congratulations. You found the basement door.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Which way did they go?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Har-dee-har-har.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] I can't tell.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Tell] times like this make me wish I had gone ranger instead.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] hey
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Tell] Yeah, cause then the bugs would have killed me! :P
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] I think it's this way
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] This all looks the same ta me.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] the note said east of his farm was a canyon
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] May as well get moving.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] ((onesec))
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -whacks his compass against his hip-
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] This looks like a canyoon to me.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] There are caves out this way, guarded by bugs
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] I can only assume that's where they came from.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Talk] As you attack, you are stabbed by the creature's spines!
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Talk] As you attack, you are stabbed by the creature's spines!
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Talk] As you attack, you are stabbed by the creature's spines!
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Talk] As you attack, you are stabbed by the creature's spines!
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Talk] As you attack, you are stabbed by the creature's spines!
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Talk] As you attack, you are stabbed by the creature's spines!
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *kneels down to check the barrel and red*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Two caves...
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] I'm carrying too much, can some one grab a few of these guts
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Here, let me.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] *looks in the pool*
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Something's there.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] I can search one, you lot can take the other? -shrugs-
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Where?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *kneels down to try and fish it out*
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] We should not split up going imto a cave...
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *points towards the north cave*
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] That way
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] I agree,
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] something was dragged into it.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -tears a barbed spine out of his forearm and tosses it to the

[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] *listens at the cave entrance*
DM Wulf : [Tell] You can only hear the wind.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -listens at the other-
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Can't hear anything....
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *listens*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Just the wind.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Footsteps.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] (I didn't do any better)
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -nods-
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Very quiet...distant.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Footsteps? Could you tell what kind?
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] argus
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -shakes his head-
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Too distant.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *listens*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Well, let's go in, then.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] so... something got dragged into the north cave and we hear

footsteps from this
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] ....
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Can't see a thing...
DM Wulf : [Shout] *scittering footsteps echo through the caverns*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Me's different without the moonlight....
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *freezes*
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] You hear that?
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Bugs...
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] In here...
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] where
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Talk] As you attack, you are stabbed by the creature's spines!
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Talk] As you attack, you are stabbed by the creature's spines!
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Talk] As you attack, you are stabbed by the creature's spines!
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -spits a bit of blood onto the ground-
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Curunor, are you still alive?
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Argus
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Got a lucky hit on me is all.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] *keeps an eye, and an ear, out for more bugs.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Thank the gods.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] How you feeling now, friend?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] You ok?
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Better.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Fine. Let's save the healing for later.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] I have the feeling it's only going to get worse.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] BIG
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -eyes widen-
[mineption] Arinia: [Talk] Ack.. that smell...
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Arinia?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *grunts*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Everone okay!
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] Ummm... um..
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *spits out a chunk of blood*
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Dear gods, you are a sight for sore eyes
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Arinia>
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Fi... fine... with rest.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Damned thing shrugged off a bunch a my darts like they were made

a' dulled tin.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Help me drag this with us and let's go
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Let's back up a bit...
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] I'm sorry for being late. I, I...
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] who is hurt?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] I'm not going to continue in without more information on these

[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Who in the depths is THAT!
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] It's okay.
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] *backs off*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Anyone need a potion?
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] I couldn't find you all.. and I then I got lost.. and..
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Thanks a lot....that thing had some nasy claws...
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Sorry, I should have left a message for where we were

[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -shrugs-
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Darius, will you listen to me on this? I will not have us

fighting more of those without some information on how to hurt them easier.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] I preferred the other plan.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] I am spent, no more healing. So, try not to use your body parts to

fill the big bugs mouth, okay?
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] I'm out of healing spells, lads
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] I'll agree with you whole heartedly, Peran.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] I can check ahead fer more. If there are any...we can turn

[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] We can make use of the farm, perhaps. Blockade it up and make a

base out of it.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] It had a noxious odor, I felt weak when it charged.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] It hit me too, that's why it got the clean shot...I was

[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] I had no time to cast a spell to bolster us...
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] You're all alright now I hope..
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *nods* I think I can manage to wear some old miner armor now, I mean

that thing was tough.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] There are many creatures that emit such types of smells.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Let's wait in the back room while Curunor looks

around...we can take this with us. *kicks the bugs body*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Yeah. Like drunks. -shrugs-
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *nods*
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *grabs at the thing and drags it behind him*
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] And what if he finds another one of those things?
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] *starts dragging the body*|
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Lead on.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] I dont think its safe for any of us to wander alone down here.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -kneels down and searches the pile of rocks-
DM Wulf : [Tell] The body breaks apart with a satisfying squishy sound.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] *shakes head*
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] lets fall back
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] What can you tell from it?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Set it down. I can do some basic research while we wait, but

till we get to a place I can spend time at, I can't do a full evaluation.
Arinia : [Party] Okay.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *listens*
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] I'm so glad I found you all..
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Did you have any trouble on the way here?
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] *takes a moment to lean against the wall and sigh in relief*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Divide eighty four into six pieces.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] I still hear bugs
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] Um, no.. you cleared the way pretty much I think...
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Me, too, miss, but it was dangerous comign here alone!
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Mei, light over here.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Why, what did you find?
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -holds up a bag of gold-
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Among other things.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Well, that's something at least.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] A scroll...make's ya quicker. And a gem, and somethin' I

couldn't tell.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *cuts a hand off, studying it over first* The claws definitely

are bad.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Oh. And a censer.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Tell] I believe that's 14 each, btw
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Mek, do you recognize the stone?
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] *looks at unidentified object*
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Also, I can use that scroll.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] *Looks at the censer* What would that be doing here?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *goes back to his notes*
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] *mmmmmm*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -shrugs- It was stashed in a rather crummy hiding spot.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *looks at the stone8
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Isn't it used to make things smell better?
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Under a pile of rocks.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *shakes his head*
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] Um, oh.. I can add that scroll to my spellbook?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Definitely have a poison
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] *tries to identify what kind of stone its made of*
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Seems like the same type as the centipedes.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Hey Peran, is it true some bugs can be chased off or put

to sleep with smoke?
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Aside from that, the next room is clear.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] I dont care about the scroll.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] It's possible this once was on... what? Well, yes, I think.

But I don't know about these mutant ones.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -smirks- Don't have a pipe or an empty glass big enough to pin a

bug under.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Oh, the stone will give you speed, once
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Well, I don't know what this stone feather thing is...
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] a day, unless I'm mistaken
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Maybe it's worth a shot...why else would someone bring

this thing hete? *points at the censer*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] That feather sounds handy.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -smirks-
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] At the very least, we can sell the censor to the smith for a bit

of gold.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] he could probably use the metal
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] I like the stone, but curunor can probably make the best use of it.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] It's not much metal...*dubious*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -shrugs-
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *shrug*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] If I can figure out how to use it.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Censer couldbe used for worship....OR to hide the smell

of those things?
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Here, let me show you, curunor
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] So what do you think, Darius?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Forward or back?
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -holds up the stone for Mei to look at-
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] If you rub this end, it will give you faster feet, for running. thats

about it, should work at least once a day.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Oh.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Hey, this censers smells like bug repellent! Maybe it

was used to ward them off....
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Handy.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] I don't know. If we come across another of those giant

green monsters, then we may not make it back...
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Really?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *nods*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] It'll help if I get spotted. -laughs-
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] So we won't have to fight them at all?
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Arinia, you should take this scroll, or Peran.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] The things definitely are hard to kill and have poison.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] I can use it, but it will be wasted after that.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] What did they burn as the repellent though...without

that it's not much use.
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] Um.. *looks back to Peran with worry*
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] What?
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] We can move up a room. I can scout the next and let you know if

there is a big green inside.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *takes the scroll*
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Works.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] If we could find out....hmm, maybe an alchemist,

although there does not seem to be much left to identify.,...
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Let me see
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *whisper to Arinia* you sure you dont want it?
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] Well if.. I mean if noone else has a spellbook...?
Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *sniffs at the censor and then takes a bit of the remains out*
Mei : [Party] nope, no spell book here.
Arinia : [Party] But you use scrolls?
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Spinies.
Mei : [Party] yeah, I can
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] FALL BAK!!!
Mei : [Party] I have a couple of other scorlls
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] Yey!
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Just a spine thrower.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Nice shot.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Were there any more?
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Damn things are very good at spotting me.
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] So why don't you keep them in a book?..
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Didn't get a good enough look.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] We are out of healing besides the kits. We should NOT

be pressing on!
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] Oh.. thanks...
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] I have two potions still...
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] I still have three.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Saving them in case something like this happens.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Those should be used for emergencies
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *frowns*
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] What the hell?
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Two hundred gold is an emergency.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Here, Argus. Take my sling and stay to the back.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] sure is dark all of a sudden
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] This is what I would expect someone to use on a werewolf not

[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] I don't use a sling....
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] //This is the weirdest bug I've seen, I have whole stacks of

darts vanishing from my inventory.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] do you see a bug yet?
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] It's better for you to keep your distance, but it's your

[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] //I've lost both stacks, it's weird.
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] *hesitates, glancing to Mei a few times*
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] The censor had garlic and wolf'sbane in it
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] *whispers* Um, so... what are we doing here?....
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Yes, I agree, we should all keep our distance if we are

low on heals...
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] //Lemme relog
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] *keeps her crossbow close*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Garlic and wolfsbane? Doen't sound too

may drive us off as well!
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] hunting bugs. from the diary
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] It's only use would be on lycanthropes.
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] *looks to the walls and the ceiling and shivers, rubbing her arms*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Talk] Got another spiny un.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *nods*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] So you're saying there are like were-bugs or something?
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] *shakes head, mutters* bloody fools
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] No, I'm saying that whoever took this in was an idiot.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *sings a song about a sailor and a bug*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Was that all?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Or at least didn't think on what he was doing.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Mei, still got a light?
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Talk] -twirls his bootknife-
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] *the sailor falls off the boat chasing the bug*
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] The other entrance is this way...
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] *looks in black pool*
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] you okay
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] *picks up and examines the dagger, trying to find how

long it's been here*
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] anything?
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] bullets and fire
DM Wulf : [Tell] Rust has started to form on it. It's hard to tell how long it's been in the

[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Huh...looks like someone came looking for a fight.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] The farmer perhaps?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Did you find his remains?
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] maybe the farmer, *nods*
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] I could sure use a rest about now.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] *holds out the rusty, broken dagger* Whoever it was, if

theis was theirs too, then it didn't end well.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Talk] Anyone bring any camping gear?
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Finally, some sanity....
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] I did.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] I purchased some in town
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] I have some, but we could use the farm.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Let's set up for the night.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] But I need to go back to that big bug.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] That sounds better to me.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Talk] -shrugs-
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] If you didn't find any remains...
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Should we head back?
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Talk] Just want to keep moving so we don't have to fight through here

[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] I think we have done well, perhaps a rest, or trip back to town for

some better armor is well advised
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Talk] No need to clear this place out three times going back and forth.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Well, you guys can decide then.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] I'd really rather not go all the way back to town until

we find out what happened to that farmer, though.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Where's Peran?
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Did we find enough to buy armor?!
Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *searches the bug over carefully, cutting it open and emptying it's belly*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] He wandered off. Alone.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] I think he went back to the bug, something about

[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Fer a druid...nature seems to hate him. A lot.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] Okay, maybe we can rest in a corner in the cave. And continue.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] We should set a watch....
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] I'm going to go look for Peran and Arinia...
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Of course. I can take first. Or last.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] lets not camp here.
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] Um, I'm right here...
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Oh...the cloths, blended right in.
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] Oh...
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Stay close...
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] *quiet voice as she looks down* That's good I guess..
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] this could be a good spot
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] It's good. Fer a lookout.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] I'll bring Peran back here, then.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] I think closer to the exit might be wiser...
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] This is a good spot to set up the bedrolls and cookin' pot.
Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -shrugs-
Curunor Kaiat: [Party] So long as it ain't in the tunnel.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *shakes his head*
Mei : [Party] I think we're going back the entrance
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Damnit.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] *looks at the druid* Find anything interesting?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Well, I guess it might be a good thing.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] What is it?
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] *frowns at the bug corpse (assuming there is one there)*
Curunor Kaiat: [Party] The druid's gonna hold this whole thing up with a tantrum?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] I thought it might have eaten the farmer.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Do you want to carry it back to camp?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] *points to it's empty stomach* Nothing to see
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] I got it's poison glands at least.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] We decided to stay here it looks like, so that the bugs

don't come back while we're gone.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Oh...that is disgusting.
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] *cringes but stands still*
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] this is as good a place as any
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Next to the cut up bug?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] The worst thought was that someone might have mutated the farmer

into it.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Yeesh. Stronger stomach then I.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] but I couldn't find evidence of that either.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] ....
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] We need to move out.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Now.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Agreed
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Let's go
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] No. I hear something.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Well, I don't want to smell the thing all night either,

but if it will help us kill them then...
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] What?
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] A...rather large number of insects.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] which way?
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Everyone stay back...
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] Um.. large number like how much?
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Just...all around us.
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] that way
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] THen let's go
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] This cave is too dangerous to stay in.
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Are you sure you don't want that sling, Argus?
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Curunor!
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Again, sanity prevails...
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] This way!
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] that way is deeper
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Hurry up, stay together.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -rubs his temples- It's not like their here now. I figured we

could press on.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] I'm sure, darius. Never got used to one...
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] But screw progress.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] We already searched the caves out
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Progress doen't really mean much if you're dead...
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] Go
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] But the bugs burrow, don't they?
Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] *looks around*
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] 'ey. Never said which way they were comin' from.
[Raganui] Peran Hawkwing: [Party] After you
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] BUGS
Curunor Kaiat: [Party] Oh. Good timing.
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] AHHHAHAHA! GOT HIM!
[tampamac2002] Mei : [Party] to the farm
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] I think it's time to go back...
[Veselka] Brother Argus Ironspear: [Party] Did you see that hit?!?
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] Ooh.. are you alright? *looking to the wounded*
[mineption] Arinia : [Party] *frown*
DM Wulf : [Shout] I'm calling it here.
[Caanbow] Curunor Kaiat: [Party] -keeps moving, staying quiet-
[FflewdurFflam] Darius Nomansson: [Party] Fine...*winces* Just need some rest.